Killer – Monsters of Rock [Review]

KillerMonstersOfRockKiller – Monsters of Rock
2015, Mausoleum Records

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1. Monsters of Rock
2. No Except to the Rule
3. Shotgun Symphony
4. Back to the Roots
5. No Way Out
6. Danger Zone
7. Firestorm
8. Deaf, Blind and Dumb
9. Forever Metal
10. Children of Desperation
11. Hold Your Head Up High
12. Making Magic
13. The Reactor
14. Rock City
15. Fake

Paul “Shorty” Van Camp – Guitars, Vocals
Ken “Jakke” Van Steenburgen – Bass, Vocals
Ivan “Vanne” Opdebeeck – Drums

Killer (not to be confused with Paul Dianno’s Killers) is a Belgian metal band that formed in 1980. They released four albums throughout between 1980 & 1990 and then were reformed by founding guitarist/vocalist Paul “Shorty” Van Camp in 2002. Monsters of Rock is the band’s seventh studio release. I didn’t know anything about these guys before checking this album out. I happened across this release but I saw it mentioned on a very detailed list of metal albums released in 2015; I had never heard of them before that.

For anyone who is into old school headbanging, this is an album that’s worth listening to. In fact, when I first heard it and before I had done any research on the band, I assumed this watch a retro metal band hitting all the ticks mark. Good to know that Killer is the real deal wrapped in the genuine black leather! Vocalist Paul Van Camp has a rough voice but it works for this meat & potatoes style of metal that could be compared to the likes of Anvil and definitely Motorhead. I can even hear a Tony Iommi influence in some of the riffs and the solos are just great, such as on the intro of “No Way Out”.

One of my favorite tracks is the bluesy “Making Magic” which sounds like a hard rock song from the late ’70s. Love this tune.

Even though it was released in 2015, Monsters of Rock is definitely a fun album to listen to when you’re in the mood for some classic sound heavy metal!

Highlights: “Monsters of Rock”, “No Exception to the Rule”, “Back to the Roots”, “No Way Out”, “Danger Zone”, “Making Magic”


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