Beauvoir / Free – American Trash [Review]

beauvoirfree-americantrashBeauvoir / Free – American Trash
2015, Frontiers Records

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1. Angels Cry
2. Morning After
3. American Trash
4. Whiplash
5. Just Breathe
6. Shotgun to the Heart
7. Never Give Up
8. Cold Dark December
9. It’s Never Too Late
10. She’s a KO
11. There’s No Starting Over

Jean Beauvoir – Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums
Micki Free – Guitar

Being a fan of KISS, Jean Beauvoir is a name I’ve been familiar with for quite some time. He co-wrote a couple of songs with Paul Stanley back in the ’80s for KISS and was a member of the shock rock group, The Plasmatics, but that’s ALL I knew. Micki Free is another name I’ve read from time to time, but his name did not bring to my mind any particular project he ever worked on. After becoming aware of this album, I was surprised to find that Beauvoir worked a lot with the Ramones and that Micki Free was a member of the funk/soul group Shalamar. Kinda seems odd that these two would be involved in an melodic rock project for Frontiers Records but then again, more research told me these two previously formed a melodic rock group called Crown of Thorns back in the ’90s.

I came in with zero expectations and very little understanding of what the team of Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free had to offer. What they’ve delivered with American Trash is nothing short of a melodic hard rock gem even though the second half of the album fails to live up to the quality of the first half. There’s plenty of hard riffing going on overall and I really enjoy Beauvoir’s voice which at times reminds me of Lenny Kravitz. My favorite tracks are “Angels Cry”, which is a killer heavy song to open the album with and “Just Breathe” is one of the best power ballads I’ve heard in the last few years.

I’m not sure if American Trash is done in the same exact style as their Crown of Thorns group, but I’m thinking I need to check their old collaborations out and I hope there’s more to come from Beauvoir/Free.

Highlights: “Angels Cry”, “Morning After”, “American Trash”, “Just Breathe”, “Shotgun to the Heart”


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