Night Demon – Curse of the Damned [Review]


Night Demon – Curse of the Damned
2015, Century Media Records

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1. Screams in the Night
2. Curse of the Damned
3. Satan
4. Full Speed Ahead
5. The Howling Man
6. Heavy Metal Heat
7. Livin’ Dangerous
8. Mastermind
9. Run for Your Life
10. Killer
11. Save Me Now
12. Road Racin’
13. The Chalice ’15

Jarvis Leatherby – Vocals, Bass
Brent Woodward – Guitar
Dustin Squires – Drums

Night Demon, Roger Camero & Armand Tambouris

Confession: I bought this album by accident. While I still buy albums (vinyl, CD AND digital) I generally reserve my money for my favorite bands or when building up my vinyl collection. I came across a list of the top metal albums of 2015 so far and this album was on it. A lot of time I stream music from Spotify but since Century Media isn’t a partner with Spotify, that wasn’t possible for this release. I had some credit at to use on digital music and I accidentally bought the album when I was hoping I’d first be told how much credit was available to use.

Going by the awesome cheesy “evil” album artwork, I was expecting raw, nasty ’80s metal sound that probably focused too much on sounding “evil”. Well, while Night Demon is firmly planted in the new wave of traditional heavy metal category, they aren’t out to shock and offend. So don’t let the cover fool you — the band isn’t as dark, demonic and over-the-top as the artwork would suggest. It’s all in good fun. Sure, they have songs called “Curse of the Damned”, “Satan” and “Killer” but they also have songs titled “Road Racin'”, “The Howling Man” and “Heavy Metal Heat”.

This trio of California metal-heads cites UFO, Riot and Diamond Head as influences. Knowing that gives the listener a good idea of what they’ll be sounding like. The Diamond Head influence is readily apparent indeed. To my knowledge, Curse of the Damned is the band’s debut LP (a self-titled EP was released in 2012) and it’s a great score for them to have a European label deal with Steamhammer/SPV while being on the Century Media label in the U.S.

Night Demon’s Curse of the Damned is an enjoyable album that fans of the new wave of British heavy metal and the new wave of traditional heavy metal should be able to appreciate. I don’t think Night Demon is going to blow anyone away within the confines of the music they are playing but they’re sure to be appreciated by old school metal-heads.

Highlights: “Screams in the Night”, “The Howling Man”, “Heavy Metal Heat”, “Livin’ Dangerous”, “Save Me Now”


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