Buckcherry – Singles Club [Digital Singles Review]


Buckcherry – Singles Club [digital singles]
2014, F-Bomb Records

1. Beast of Burden
2. Small Man, Big Mouth
3. I’ve Done Everything for You
4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation
5. Hot Legs
6. Devil Inside

Singles Club originally started up this past summer by the band on PledgeMusic. You could pledge money to the band through their PledgeMusic project and in return you’d get six cover songs released digitally over the next six months, with the final song being released in early December. The higher your pledge, the more goodies you could get. I also pledged so that I could get a signed copy of the band’s Fuck EP on CD.

This was a cool project I was more than okay with contributing to but now I’m ticked off by it. The original deal was you pledge to get six cover songs, released digitally and exclusive only to fans who pledged. Now all six songs are going to be released on physical CDs, which is what I expected and I’m okay with… EXCEPT I’m not okay with the part where CD pressings of the Singles Club songs (re-titled The Covers – Volume I for CD) are going to have a cover of Aerosmith’s “Mama Kin” as a bonus track.

We already went through this with Fuck. I pre-ordered a signed copy Fuck online, then the band announced that retail versions of the EP would feature “Mama Kin” as a bonus track. Excuse me, but what the Fuck? If you’re going to PledgeMusic and throwing you dollars down for this band, that means you’re part of the dedicated and hardcore fanbase that the band should be catering to instead of catering to retailers who and casual fans who probably haven’t followed the band since “Crazy Bitch”.

Not once, but twice did the band snub their PledgeMusic fans. As it stands, if I want “Mama Kin”, I would have to go to Best Buy and buy a copy of the EP yet again or order a CD copy of the cover songs. I’m not doing either. Hopefully the band makes this right and does the easy and simple thing of release a digital (and free) copy of “Mama Kin” to those of us who signed up for this half a year ago. Rant over.

 As far as the music goes, the band covers The Rolling Stones, Minor Threat, Sammy Hagar, AC/DC, Rod Stewart and INXS. Not bad. I’m not into punk music so “Small Man, Big Mouth” does nothing for me but I’ve always loved the Stones’ “Beast of Burden”, INXS’ “Devil Inside” and Hagar’s “I’ve Done Everything for You”. The Hagar song was previously covered by Rick Springfield in 1981 to much success (much more than Hagar ever had with it). Rounding things out you’ve got Rod Stewart’s “Hot Legs”, which is a surprisingly good song given how I usually think of Rod and AC/DC’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation” which is a bit generic, in my opinion.

All told, the “Singles Club” collection of songs is pretty cool and worth listening to but maybe you should order the CD so you can get “Mama Kin”. Or maybe just wait for the special edition on vinyl that will include “Patience” and “White Wedding”.

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