Babylon A.D. – Lost Sessions/Fresno CA 93 [Review]


Babylon A.D. – Lost Sessions/Fresno, CA 93
2014, Apocalypse Records/Perris Records
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1. Love Blind
2. While America Sleeps
3. Love Is a Mystery
4. Bang Go the Bells

Derek Davis – Vocals
Ron Freschi – Guitar
Danny De La Rosa – Guitar
Robb Reid – Bass
Jamey Pacheco – Drums

This EP is new release of old songs (even the re-recording of “Bang Go the Bells” is a few years old) but that doesn’t deter from the quality of music. Late bloomers in the ’80s hair metal scene, Babylon A.D. has regrouped yet again for a run of shows throughout 2014 and have given us this glimpse into “what could’ve been” with three unreleased tracks that were recorded in 1993 and a newer version of their signature song “Bang Go the Bells” that was recorded in 2010.

The first three tracks were recorded, presumably, for a third album. Ultimately, a third studio release from the band wouldn’t happen until 2002 with the release of  American Blitzkreig as the band became inactive in the face of the changing musical climate in the early 1990s.

“Love Blind” is a great rocker. It’s a shame this song got scuttled due to the rise of grunge and alternative music. The riff is great. Very catchy song.

“While America Sleeps” is okay but basically filler.

Clocking in at nearly 7 minutes, “Love Is a Mystery” seems like the band’s attempt at writing an epic ballad. Parts of it remind me of Great White but other parts have a dark vibe to it. It’s good.

Finally, we arrived at the 2010 rendition of “Bang Go the Bells”. It’s fine. Derek Davis’ voice may be slightly weaker but at least they didn’t try to reinvent the song and modernize it.

Fans of Babylon A.D. will enjoy this look back at what the band was up to in 1993. The physical CD price of $12+ is a bit ridiculous for four songs but you can score the MP3 album version for under $4.

Highlights: “Love Blind”, “Love Is a Mystery”


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