Alice Cooper – Special Forces [Review]


Alice Cooper – Special Forces
1981, Warner Bros. Records

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1. “Who Do You Think We Are”
2. “Seven and Seven Is”
3. “Prettiest Cop On The Block”
4. “Don’t Talk Old To Me”
5.” Generation Landslide ’81 (live)”
6. “Skeletons In The Closet”
7. “You Want It, You Got It”
8. “You Look Good In Rags”
9. “You’re A Movie”
10. “Vicious Rumors”

Alice Cooper – Lead Vocals
Danny Johnson – Guitar
Mike Pinera – Guitar
Erik Scott – Bass
Craig Kampf – Drums
Duane Hitchings – Keyboards

Producer: Richard Podolor

Another low spot for Alice, yet probably a touch above Flush the Fashion. This was during Alice’s infamous heavy drinking “blackout” period. Special Forces is the first of three consecutive albums in which, to this day, Alice says he does not remember writing, recording or touring for. That’s pretty sad. It’s also unfortunate that Alice can’t give us any insight in regards to his thoughts and motivations during this time.

Another cover (Love’s “Seven and Seven Is), which some people seem to like, but I don’t. Then there’s the supposed “live” updated version of Billion Dollar Babies‘ “Generation Landslide”. Sounds pretty dead and pointless to me. “Skeletons in the Closet” is quite the guilty pleasure. It’s kinda got a R&B/rock/pop vibe to it and was the working title for this album. “You Want It, You Got It” and “You’re a Movie” still see Alice in his new wave synth-heavy mode, but I dig ’em, especially “You Want It, You Got It”. “You Look Good in Rags” is another pretty straight-forward rocker that makes me wish Alice tossed his fans a few more of these during the early ’80s.

I like six of the ten songs here, so I suppose I can’t say this is a bad album but they are more like six decent songs. Not six great songs, so I wouldn’t call Special Forces a career highlight for Alice.

Highlights: “Who Do You Think We Are”, “Don’t Talk Old to Me”, “You Want It, You Got It”, “Skeletons in the Closet”, “You Look Good in Rags”, “You’re a Movie”

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  1. I once read, “If you took all the good songs from Alice’s “lost” period, you could make one hell of a good road tape.”

    That is true. But still I don’t really like this period. Dada being my least liked of them.

    • I think DaDa is amazing. Extremely underrated Alice album. He’s said in the past he would like to re-record some of those songs. I doubt he ever will though.

      I do agree if you compiled the best songs from this era, you’d have one really special album.

      • And that’s the thing about Dada! If you go on Amazon you’ll see a bunch of 1* reviews and 5* reviews with a few in between. The fans are very, very polarized on that one. And I love Former Lee Warmer.

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