The 69 Eyes – Loves Runs Away EP [Review]


The 69 Eyes – Love Runs Away
2013, Nuclear Blast Records

1. Love Runs Away
2. Dracula’s Castle
3. Rosary Blue (Edit)

Jyrki 69 – Lead Vocals
Timo-Timo – Guitar
Bazie – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Archzie – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jussi 69 – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Kat Von D – Lead Vocals (“Rosary Blue”)

Producer: Joakim Övrenius & Pat Phoenix

I love The 69 Eyes in theory. I love the look, I love the sound, but their albums are so spotty. For example, “Dead Girls Are Easy” is one of my favorite songs from them but the rest of the Back In Blood was complete filler. When I found out they had a new album called X coming out in 2012, I heard one or two samples and still wasn’t impressed so I didn’t bother tracking it down. After listening to the Love Runs Away EP, maybe it’s time I do find a copy.

I like all three songs on this EP. “Love Runs Away” is classic 69 Eyes — hard driving goth rock with a 1980s vibe during the chorus, “Dracula’s Castle” has a 1960s lounge lizard/surf rock vibe to it while “Rosary Blue” is a ballad and duet with Kat Von D.

The duet with Kat Von D is my favorite track here. It’s very haunting and immediately makes me think of the soundtrack for 1994’s The Crow movie. An extended version of the song is available exclusively on iTunes.

All told, this EP features three very good tracks that makes me think I shouldn’t give up on the band just yet.

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