Crashdiet – The Savage Playground [Review]


Crashdiet – The Savage Playground
2013, Frontiers Records

1. Change The World
2. Cocaine Cowboys
3. Anarchy
4. California
5. Lickin’ Dog
6. Circus
7. Sin City
8. Got A Reason
9. Drinkin’ Without You
10. Snakes In Paradise
11. Damaged Kid
12. Excited
13. Garden of Babylon

Simon Cruz – Vocals
Martin Sweet – Guitar
Peter London – Bass
Eric Young – Drums

Producer: Otto Welton

Crashdiet’s fourth album is their best yet. I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve heard from these guys but The Savage Playground seems to take matters to another level. I hate to use the word “mature” when talking about a group of sleaze rockers but that’s exactly the band has done — matured. At least in regards to their songwriting. Don’t misunderstand me, they aren’t writing to make you think with song titles like “Cocaine Cowboys”, “Anarchy”, “Lickin’ Dog” (which sounds like a Babylon A.D. song), “Sin City” and “Drinkin’ Without You”. The band can still bring the sleaze attitude but I really think the band’s sense of melody has improved and Simon Cruz continues to grow as a vocalist. That’s a good thing because it starts to separate them from the rest of the sleaze rock pack.

They’ve started to expand ever-so-slightly with their songs. While “Cocaine Cowboys” and “Anarchy” are total glamfests, “California” seems a bit more modern, melodic & radio-ready and “Garden of Babylon” is a no-frills 7 minute heavy metal number with enough twists & turns to keep you interested. “Damaged Kid” is another track that has a modern vibe to it at times.

There’s a few tracks that I would classify as filler. “Circus”, “Sin City” and “Snakes In Paradise” could’ve been left off the album, in my opinion, but the rest of the album is enjoyable through and through. The first four songs and then the album’s closer are just fantastic glam metal. “California” especially. That song is addictive.

All told, The Savage Playground shows us that the band is growing as musicians. They aren’t as snotty as before but they are still delivering the hooks & choruses needed to deliver a fun glam-metal album. I’ve seen some online reviews write this album off as as a step down in quality but as far as I’m concerned, this is the best album the band has released yet.

Highlights: “Change the World”, “Cocaine Cowboys”, “Anarchy”, “California”, “Lickin’ Dog”, “Garden of Babylon”

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