Slash – Apocalyptic Love (Album Review)

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators – Apocalyptic Love
[Classic Rock Magazine Limited Edition Fanpack Album]
(2012, Future Publishing/Roadrunner Records/Dik Hayd Records)

 1. Apocalyptic Love … 3:29
2. One Last Thrill … 3:10
3. Standing In The Sun … 4:04
4. You’re A Lie … 3:51
5. No More Heroes … 4:24
6. Halo … 3:23
7. We Will Roam … 4:50
8. Anastasia … 6:07
9. Not For Me … 5:22
10. Bad Rain … 3:47
11. Hard & Fast … 3:02
12. Far And Away … 5:15
13. Shots Fired … 3:48
Bonus Tracks
14. Carolina … 3:18
15. Crazy Life … 3:40

Slash – Guitar
Myles Kennedy – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Todd Kerns – Bass, Backing Vocals
Brent Fitz – Drums, Percussion, Piano

Producer: Eric Valentine

Slash’s debut solo album was one of my favorite albums released in 2010. I loved the variety in it and the different styles he was playing thanks to the range of singers he chose to work with. On that album, he recorded two tracks with Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy. Kennedy then went out on the road with Slash as his touring vocalist while promoting the album. The result of that tour was the release of the Made In Stoke live album and the announcement that the next Slash album was going to feature Myles doing all of the vocals.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed at the announcement of Kennedy being the only singer on the album. I thought maybe  Slash could’ve gone the Santana route of working with a variety of singers with every album. I thought the two Kennedy songs from the first Slash album were pretty mediocre as well so that also added to the bit of disappointment I had over Myles apparently becoming Slash’s permanent solo vocalist (they also co-wrote the entire album together).

There is good news here for those that didn’t like Slash working with Fergie, the guy from Maroon 5 or whoever else. Apocalyptic Love is pretty much stripped down rock ‘n’ roll that brings to mind all of Slash’s previous groups: Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and Guns N’ Roses. In short, it’s Slash being Slash. That said, the music is solid but there were only a few songs that immediately stood out to me: “You’re A Lie”, “No More Heroes” and the bonus track “Crazy Life”.

It has taken me a lot of spins to pick out any other favorites from this release. In time, I’ve grown a fan of about half the album while feeling like most of the rest is no-frill, no-inspiration rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not bad music if you’re using it for background noise but a lot of this music just doesn’t hold my attention. Overall, Apocalyptic Love is a solid effort but disappointing considering the previous album gave some great tracks like “Nothing To Say”, “Beautiful Dangerous” and “By The Sword”. Still, if you want your Slash fix, this’ll tide you over until the inevitable Velvet Revolver reunion occurs.

My particular copy came with the Slash Fanpack that was released by the UK’s Classic Rock magazine. It came with a poster, a special edition of the album that features two bonus tracks, a pin and an in-depth magazine about Slash, Myles Kennedy and the new album.

Highlights: “Apocalyptic Love”, “You’re A Lie”, “No More Heroes”, “Anastasia”, “Not For Me”, “Bad Rain”, “Crazy Life”

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  1. Wow, I would’ve bet on your liking this entire album a ton! I actually have “Apocalyptic Love” as my #1 Hard Rock album of 2012. Thus far…

    “We Will Roam” is without a doubt my favorite song here. 🙂

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