Album Review: Rattleshake – s/t

(2012, Eonian Records)

1. Shootin’ Whiskey … 3:36
2. Gypsy Queen … 3:23
3. Take Me Down … 5:10
4. Mudbone Delight … 4:08
5. Jump On Me … 4:12
6. Never Say Goodbye … 4:26
7. Rattleshake Boogie … 3:14

Don McBee – Lead Vocals
Ralph Longo – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mark ‘Freeze’ Freseman – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Bryan ‘Coach’ Lujan – Bass, Backing Vocals
Steve Fletcher – Drums, Backing Vocals

Producer: Rob Beaton & Rattleshake

San Francisco’s Rattleshake was an active hard rock band during the late ’80s. Though the band had the pleasure of opening for acts such as Tesla, Warrant & Winger, with the hair metal scene waning and grunge rising up, Rattleshake’s fate was sealed before ever getting signed. At least they were able to record a handful of tracks that, up until now, were unreleased. The sessions were co-produced with Rob Beaton (who has gone on to do studio work for GNR, Sammy Hagar, Santana, etc.)

This is a pretty cool collection of late ’80s hard rock. It’s not glammed out or polished like so many acts of that era became. Rattleshake has a bluesy & sleazy swagger to them that should appeal to fans of Ratt, Great White, Guns N’ Roses (I mention this because Don McBee sounds a lot like Axl at times) and Babylon A.D.

The two biggest highlights on this 7-track release for me are “Gypsy Queen” and “Take Me Down”. “Gypsy Queen” is a balls-out rocker that should’ve been enough to grab any label’s attention if not for poor timing and “Take Me Down” sounds like a lost Great White classic.

“Mudbone Delight”, “Shootin’ Whiskey” & “Jump On It” are three other ready rockers that show Rattleshake could bring the goods. Of course, what hard rock band during that era of hairspray could resist recording a ballad? Check out “Never Say Goodbye” for Rattleshake’s soft side. “Rattleshake Boogie” is just what it sounds like. A fun number to close the album with.

If you’re into seeking out quality bands that should’ve had more success, Rattleshake is another good find.

Highlights: “Gypsy Queen”, “Take Me Down”, “Mudbone Delight”, “Jump On Me”

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  1. Very cool. I remember hearing about them years ago, never saw their albums or CD’s… now I know why. I think it’s fantastic that this CD is out and I’ll have to pick it up down the Metal road.

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