Cult of the Fox – A Vow of Vengeance

Cult of the Fox – A Vow of Vengeance (2011, Metal Bound Records)

1. Letters of Fire and Sword … 4:44
2. A Witch Shall Be Born … 4:33
3. Spirit of the Hunter … 5:58
4. Through Metal and Madness (Pt. 2) … 3:20
5. Slave to the Reaper … 5:26
6. Word of Truth … 4:30
7. The Power We Serve … 2:43
8. I’m Working On That … 5:20
9. Cult of the Fox … 4:47

Magnus Hultman – Vocals
Per Persson – Guitar
Erika Wallberg – Guitar
Peter Svensson – Bass
Daniel Fritze – Drums

Earlier this year, I talked about this Swedish band’s The Sand Beneath the Sea demo EP (which was released in 2010). At that time, the band had released 3 demo EPs but A Vow of Vengeance is the band’s first full-length studio album. The album features a number of songs from the three previous demo releases: “Cult of the Fox” comes from 2007’s Kitsunetsuki, “A Witch Shall Burn”, “Spirit of the Hunter” & “The Power We Serve” come from 2008’s The Power We Serve and “I’m Working On That” & “Letters of Fire and Sword” come from The Sand Beneath the Sea.

I am not sure if any of the other tracks are reworked songs from previous EPs or if they are entirely new songs created with this album in mind. Either way, expectedly, A Vow of Vengeance continues on with the band’s traditional heavy metal/power metal sound they have displayed in the past that brings to mind Grave Digger and early Iced Earth. The only exception is “A Witch Shall Be Born”. I can’t help but get a Misfits feel from that one.

This is a solid headbanging album where you’ll at least find yourself stomping your feet from time to time to tracks like “Letters of Fire and Sword”, “Spirit of the Hunter”, “I’m Working On That”. A Vow of Vengeance may not rate as one of the year’s best releases (with me anyway) but it is good and is worth looking into if you’re a fan of traditional metal. Cult of the Fox has a lot of potential.

Highlights: “Letters of Fire and Sword”, “A Witch Shall Be Born”, “Spirit of the Hunter”, “I’m Working On That”

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