Stand by your band: Nickelback still on for Thanksgiving half-time show

Nickelback has to be one of the world’s most unpopular popular bands (right up there with Metallica!). I’m sure they’ll prove this when their new album debuts at #1 on the Billboard charts despite one (former?) major U.S. city not wanting them to play at a football game.

My advice to Detroit? Shut up and watch the game.

I understand hometown pride but this is ridiculous. So, what now? ONLY Detroit acts can play the half-time? I’m sorry that this once great city has fallen on tough times but it’s for this very reason they should stop worrying about what musician plays at a football game and concentrate on more important matters like housing, creating jobs and stopping things like, um, MURDER.

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  1. I dig Nickelback, heck, this band Rocks in my Metal opinion. Nickelback has struck gold with the radio industry playing their songs constantly. It’s great to see a Rock/Hard Rock band get some air-time for a sporting event instead of some bubble-gum, lip syncing garbage that I (we) are so used to coping with.

    LOL… you tell ’em Metal buddy! 😮

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