Anthrax – Worship Music

Anthrax – Worship Music (2011, Megaforce Records)

1. “Worship” … 1:41
2. “Earth on Hell” … 3:11
3. “The Devil You Know” … 4:46
4. “Fight’em ‘Til You Can’t” … 5:48
5. “I’m Alive” … 5:37
6. “Hymn 1” … 0:38
7. “In the End” … 6:46
8. “The Giant” … 3:47
9. “Hymn 2” … 0:44
10. “Judas Priest” … 6:24
11. “Crawl” … 5:29
12. “The Constant” … 5:01
13. “Revolution Screams”/”New Noise” … 15:54

Joey Belladonna – Lead Vocals
Rob Caggiano – Guitar
Scott Ian – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Frank Bello – Bass, Backing Vocals
Charlie Benante – Drums, Guitar

Produced by: Anthrax

Well, they did it! I don’t know how they did it but they did it! After years of trading off singers like Pokemon cards and after having an album ready to go to press then pulled back and re-worked, through all of the chaos and despite the fact that they were beginning to look like joke… Anthrax has delivered one of the best albums of their career. One of their highest charting albums as well: Worship Music debuted on the Billboard chart at #12 (29,000 copies sold) with only 1993’s Sound of White Noise debuting higher (#7). Rave reviews across the board, chart success… Who would’ve thought this would be the tale to tell about Anthrax in 2011?

What’s cool about this album is that even though this is Joey’s first studio album with the band in 21 years, they didn’t try to pretend and write like it was 1988. In fact, according to Scott Ian, most of the album was written before they even had decided on a singer! Obviously, once Belladonna was on board, a few things changed here and there though.

Worship Music seems to blend the Belladonna era with the Bush era. “Fight’em ‘Til You Can’t” is a great classic Anthrax thrasher complete with lyrics about a zombie apocalypse. The album’s best track, in my opinion. Other old school trash numbers are “Earth on Hell” and “The Devil You Know”, two very good tracks. “I’m Alive” has a great, heavy groove and could’ve been sung by John Bush on We’ve Come For You All. “The Giant” and “The Constant” also have a Bush vibe to them.

“In the End” is a great epic metal number and has been cited by the band as their favorite song on the album and one of their favorite songs in the whole Anthrax catalog. “Judas Priest” is a solid head banger named after the heavy metal icons but lyrically has nothing to do with that band. “Crawl” is up next and is the album’s most modern sounding song, I think (probably why many old school Anthrax fans are dismissing it as ‘filler’). Not that it actually will get there but this wouldn’t sound out of place on radio. The album closes with “Revolution Screams”, yet another solid slab of metal with some nice solo work from Caggiano. After minutes (and minutes) of silence, the “hidden” cover of the punk band Refused’s “New Noise” pops up at 11:09.

The short “Hymn 1” and “Hymn 2” instrumentals for some reason are not listed on the album’s track listing on the back of the album.

All told, this is a great album, one of Anthrax’s best and one of the best of the year. 0% filler as even my least favorite songs (“The Constant”, “Revolution Screams” are solid at worst.

Highlights: “The Devil You Know”, “Fight’em ‘Til You Can’t”, “I’m Alive”, “In the End”, “The Giant”, “Judas Priest”, “Crawl”

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  1. I like this album. It is really high quality. It may even attract some new fans of metal.

  2. I wished the whole record would sound more like the fantastic track “Fight Em Til You Can´t”

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