Babylon A.D. – Nothing Sacred

Babylon A.D. – Nothing Sacred (1992, Arista Records)

1. “Take the Dog Off the Chain” … 4:40
2. “Bad Blood” … 3:57
3. “So Savage the Heart” … 5:14
4. “Sacrifice Your Love” … 5:36
5. “Redemption” … 4:57
6. “Down the River of No Return” … 3:08
7. “Psychedelic Sex Reaction” … 4:28
8. “Dream Train” … 4:52
9. “Blind Ambition” … 4:31
10. “Slave Your Body” … 3:50
11. “Of the Rose” … 1:36
12. “Pray for the Wicked” … 4:27

Derek Davis – Vocals
Danny DeLaRosa – Guitar, Banjo
Ron Freschi – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Robb Reid – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jamey Pacheco – Drums

Producer: Tom Werman

The second and final major label album from Babylon A.D. and they couldn’t have picked a worse time to release it! Or a worse label to be on! Despite the wind of change that was in the air at this time, this album is pretty good.

Overall, I don’t think it’s consistent as the debut.The first five tracks are inoffensive but come off as uninspired. The ballad “So Savage the Heart” seems to be cited as the album’s highlight and people say it shoulda/woulda/coulda bee a sure-fire radio hit had it been released a few years earlier but I’m just not feeling it.

The album’s best ballad is “Down the River of No Return” (which reminds me of Zeppelin at times) and once that comes on, things start looking up and the rest of the album is golden. “Psychadelic Sex Reaction”, “Dream Train” and “Blind Ambition” bring a bit more swagger than earlier the tracks do. “Slave Your Body” is 100% hair metal in all its glory, fading or not, and is probably the best rocker of the whole bunch. “Of the Rose” is a really cool acoustic instrumental and the album wraps up with another hairy effort – “Pray for the Wicked”.

I don’t think this album charted at all and it wouldn’t be long before the band split up only to reunite and release American Blitzkrieg in 2002. Haven’t checked that one out yet but I probably should. Guitarist Ron Freschi would later go on to form Syrym (which has a sound very similar to Babylon A.D.) in 2007 and drummer Jamey Pachecho would join in 2008. According to Wikipedia (always the world’s leading news source), Babylon A.D. has reunited yet again and as of 2010 they were working on new material and released a new version of “Bang Go the Bells” for digital download.

Highlights: “Down the River of No Return”, “Psychedelic Sex Reaction”, “Dream Train”, “Blind Ambition”, “Slave Your Body”, “Of the Rose”, “Pray for the Wicked”

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  1. I bought this about fifteen years ago because it was discounted down to ¥100 (about US$1).

    I played it once and was disappointed. Haven’t listened to it since.

    So, you’re saying I should give it another chance?

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