George Lynch – Kill All Control

George Lynch – Kill All Control (2011, Rocket Science, Inc.)

1. “Kill All Control”
2. “Done”
3. “Fly On The Wall”
4. “Brand New Day”
5. “Wicked Witch”
6. “Voices In My Head”
7. “Resurrect Your Soul”
8. “Rattlesnake”
9. “Sun”
10. “Man On Fire”
11. “My Own Enemy”
12. “Son Of Scary”
13. “Go It Alone”

George Lynch – Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
London LeGrand – Vocals (Track 5, 11, 13), Backing Vocals
Marq Torien – Vocals (Tracks 1, 3, 9), Backing Vocals
Will Martin – Vocals (Tracks 1-4, 6, 9), Backing Vocals
Keith St. John – Vocals (Tracks 7, 8, 10), Backing Vocals
Nic Speck – Bass
Adrian Ost – Drums
Fred Coury – Drums (Track 12)

Just like Michael Schenker, George Lynch is a guy that stays so active and releases so much music in any given year that it’s easy to lose track of what exactly his current project is and if any of those projects are worth listening to. Despite being a guitar hero it seems like a lot of his music goes unnoticed (although the Lynch Mob reunion album Smoke & Mirrors was well-received). Hopefully with the buzz the Lynch Mob reunion started more people will pay attention to this solo effort because it’s definitely worth listening to.

George has never really been one to live in the past. While I can applaud some acts for sticking to or going back to their “classic” sound in order to appease the hardcore fans, as long as the music is good I see no problem with catching up to modern times and that’s exactly what Lynch is doing here. This is modern hard rock/metal featuring elements of alternative and more classic sounding hard rock. These are songs that would probably find their way to radio if only they were done by someone half George’s age. Some of the music at times it reminds me of SIXX:A.M. (though certainly not as dark) but all of it sounds current.

It’s worth noting that the music does not sound forced. A lot of people gave Lynch a hard time (rightfully so) when he took Lynch Mob in a rap-metal direction in the late ’90s but Kill All Control sounds much more natural. It’s hard rock but it’s up-to-date, not trend-jumping. I doubt at this point in his career George believes he’ll get any radio play anyway (no matter what the style of his music is), so this is probably just where his head is at right now when it comes to solo material.

Admittedly, the album was originally intended to be a follow-up to 2008’s Let The Truth Be Known from Souls of We (George’s  side-project with former Brides of Destruction singer London LeGrand) and drummer Adrian Ost. During the process of writing the album, the decision was made to make it a solo effort instead due to the direction that the songs were taking. As such, a number of vocalists were called in to lend their talents in addition to LeGrand. Marq Torien (Bullet Boys), Will Martin (Earshot) and Keith St. John (Montrose) all make appearances while Cinderella’s Fred Coury plays drums on the “Son Of Scary” instrumental. By the way, I did my best in listing who sang on what song, I couldn’t find a complete list of album credits.

For those hoping for something similar to Dokken or Lynch Mob leftovers, you’re out of luck. But, Kill All Control displays the great riffs and solos George is known for and a fantastic collection of vocalists along with tons of groove and hooks. Definitely worth checking out.

Highlights: “Kill All Control”, “Done”, “Brand New Day”, “Wicked Witch”, “Voices In My Head”, “Resurrect Your Soul”, “My Own Enemy”

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  1. Mr. Scary is one cool dude. George is a guitarist first, then a guitarist second… a true living legend with the axe. Your review I agree with… and yes, radio airplay isn’t what it used to be on FM anymore. \m/

    I’ll tell ya… that “Smoke & Mirrors” album really does smoke! Couple that album with this new solo release and George Lynch is on an excellent roll.

  2. As I read this post, I am now completely convinced that getting out of Dokken was the best thing George Lynch could have ever done.

  3. I am looking forward to hearing this album. I know it is going to be great. George has never put out something I did not love…even “Smoke This”. I like that George goes where his feelings take him. He dose not follow what everyone else is doing. George will always ROCK! \m/ \m/

  4. Just got this on itunes two days ago. It is very good.

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