Modern Superstar – Under My Skin

Modern Superstar – Under My Skin (2011, JamSync Music)

1. “Hollywood Dirty” … 3:59
2. “She Likes Girls” … 3:23
3. “Txt U Gud’Bye” … 5:18
4. “Grow’n Old” … 4:30
5. “Love/Hate” … 3:38
6. “You” … 2:50
7. “Blue” … 3:56
8. “Devil’s Playground” … 2:52
9. “Generation Star” … 3:06
10. “We All Die Young” … 4:00

Jamie Fletcher – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Danny Watts – Guitar
Bill Carpenter – Guitar
Jordan Dirty – Bass
Ryche Green – Drums, Backing Vocals

JamSync Music is quietly becoming one of the better rock-oriented independent labels around. With acts like Steevi Jaimz, Asphalt Valentine and Mama Kin all having solid releases in the last year or two, I’m constantly keeping an eye on any new release or band that the label is putting out on the market. The streak of quality releases continues with Modern Superstar’s debut album Under My Skin.

“Hollywood Dirty” starts off the album leaving no question in anyone’s mind that this band’s sound has roots in the Sunset Strip. It’s a sleazy rocker that is one of the better songs on the album. The hair metal connection is even stronger than I realized. After doing some research I discovered vocalist Jamie Fletcher sang lead and played rhythm guitar in Britny Fox back in 2008 and 2009. In addition to that, the band also doubles as a cover band under the name Nurse Ratched.

Let us not forget the band is called Modern Superstar though. The group does not try to pretend that’s 1985. While there’s no denying the roots of this band, they are not going for retro. If it’s even possible, it is a contemporary ’80s had rock sound the band employs. “Hollywood Dirty” is the only mean ‘n’ dirty sounding song on the album with “Devil’s Playground” coming in a close second place. The rest of Under My Skin is made up of laid back rockers like “Grow’n Old” & “Blue” and upbeat sounding numbers like “You” & “Generation Star”. Of course, what kind of album would this be without the ballads? The acoustic driven “Txt U Gud’Bye” is a real pleaser and “Love/Hate” really sounds like something a Jani Lane-fronted Warrant would have done.

And yes, “We All Die Young” is a cover of the Steelheart song that made it’s way into the movie Rock Star. The band plays it pretty straight forward and Fletcher does a great job on this one and doesn’t shy away from showing off just how powerful his vocals are.

Modern Superstar doesn’t try to go for the sleazy sound or try to sound all that metal. They are a hard rock band that keeps it fun and simple. Sometimes that’s all you need!

Highlights: “Hollywood Dirty”, “Txt U Gud’Bye”, “Grown’n Old”, “Generation Star”, “We All Die Young”


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