Rainbow – On Stage

Rainbow – On Stage [Remastered] (1999, Polydor Records)
Original Release: 1977, Polydor Records

1. “Kill The King” … 5:31
2. Medley: “Man On The Silver Mountain/Blues/Starstruck” … 11:15
3.”Catch The Rainbow” … 15:36
4. “Mistreated” … 13:07
5. “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves” … 7:37
6. “Still I’m Sad” … 11:05

Ronnie James Dio – Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar
Jimmy Bain – Bass
Cozy Powell – Drums
Tony Carey – Keyboards

Producer: Martin Birch

This seems to be one of those live albums that everyone likes to point to as a live-album-gone-wrong. Not really sure why. I can understand some of the bitching about the track listing but Ritchie has always done whatever he’s wanted to — fans be damned. So I’m sure he had his reasons for not including “Stargazer”, probably just to tick people off. Whatever the case was, with only the debut and Rising under their belt, I think the collection of songs here is just fine. Especially when you factor in the band debuts “Kill The King” from the forthcoming Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll album, plays Deep Purple’s “Mistreated” and basically plays an extended version of the songs.

I’ve even read some state this album is boring, that is lacks energy. I just don’t see it that way. I’m one of those guys that LOVES going to a concert and watching guitar solos and drum solos and all of that stuff. I don’t see how anyone who truly appreciates rock music or music in general can say stuff like that is boring. Just listen to Blackmore and keyboardist Tony Carey as they duel together in the middle of the medley. Listen to that bit of blues played in that medley as well. That’s great and classic stuff. I love it whenever a band stretches out a song in concert and segues in and out of different songs and solos. The crowd obviously was having a blast because they started clapping to a beat while Ritchie fiddles around in the middle of “Mistreated”.

This is one of the grandest and most epic live albums I have ever heard and not for one second was I bored with it. It’s like actually being there in concert. This is what you would have heard. Extended versions like these are where you really get to see a band act like a band and play off each other. It’s amazing. This a true classic featuring Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore — two of the most legendary figures in the world of rock and metal. Essential listening as far as I’m concerned because the Dio era of Rainbow can really do no wrong.

Highlights: ALL!

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  1. Cool review, I wasn’t sure whether I would be bored just looking at the track listing, but I planned on getting (at some point) anyways cause it was Dio and Blackmmore, at least now I know it is worth getting.

  2. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. 😉

  3. 100% agree with your review excellent live album and one of the best live albums of the 70’s

  4. Cool review, the Ronnie James Dio era was Rainbow’s best. After that, Rainbow went a bit too commercial.

  5. “Straight Between The Eyes” is an unreal great Rainbow album with Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. There is much more to that album other than “Stone Cold”, which is an amazing song (for me). I can agree with 80’s Metal Man that Rainbow was more commercial during the post- Ronnie James Dio years. “Bent Out Of Shape” is a tremendous album too, IMO.

    It’s really like a “tale of several Rainbows” though, all due to different styles of lead singers with Dio, Bonnet, Turner and then Doogie White capping off the Rainbow years. Based on reading your reviews and knowing your “likes” through Metal Excess… I’m predicting you will fall over for “Straight Between The Eyes” and “Bent Out Of Shape”. Aw, heck, you’ll dig “Difficult To Cure” too.

    If I’m wrong with this Metal prediction… then I’m a tree monkey’s second cousin. 🙂

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