Cult of the Fox – The Sea Beneath The Sand

Cult of the Fox – The Sea Beneath the Sand (2010, self-released)

1. “I’m Working On That” … 5:24
2. “Letters of Fire and Sword” … 5:03
3. “Out of Order” … 4:33
4. “The Sea Beneath The Sand” … 3:55

Magnus Hultman – Vocals
Per Persson – Guitar
Peter Svensson – Bass
Daniel Fritze – Drums

The Sea Beneath The Sand is old school heavy metal and the latest round of demos/EP (third total) from Sweden’s Cult of the Fox. Drawing on influences such as Manowar, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Dio and Grave Digger the band plays in a traditional metal/’80s power metal style. They cite themselves as contemporary metal but I only really get that feeling (and just slightly) on the pounding “I’m Working On That”, which also seems to cross over into stoner rock territory.

Given that this is a set of demos, there is a simple and organic feel to the production but that works in favor of the songs, giving them a bit more teeth. “Letters of Fire and Sword” (great title!) is the EP’s true standout track. Just a galloping good time with some nice bass and it displays a bit of a thrashier of the band reminding of Metallica and Iron Maiden. “Out of Order” is an upbeat anthem about rebel-rousing and “The Sea Beneath The Sand” starts off slow and then picks up the pace with some Maiden gallop.

These demos are a solid listen and they shows that Cult of the Fox are a band with a lot of promise. I would definitely be interested in hearing what the band could do on an entire album. Recommended for fans of classic metal.

Highlights: “I’m Working On That”, “Letters of Fire and Sword”


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