Gary Moore 1952-2011

Gary Moore was a guitarist of many different styles. He played rock and metal but his true love was the blues and in his later years he was primarily a blues musician. I became a fan of Moore a little over a year ago, due to his rock/metal albums of the 80s, but have been wanting to give his blues work a try as well as I’ve read that a number of them are quite amazing.

Sadly, despite a couple of short runs as a member of Thin Lizzy and some solo success in the UK, Moore went virtually unnoticed by the mainstream. He was a talented musician that never achieved the recognition that he deserved. Perhaps, in his death, many will be inspired to listen to his music.

From the handful of Moore albums I have heard, “Victims of the Future” is my favorite song of his and here’s a great live version of it.

R.I.P Gary Moore


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  1. Victims of the Future is my favorite Gary Moore album, then it is Run For Cover, I really didn’t get much farther than those two albums but I have been planing on checking mroe of hiss tuff out, too bad he passed away, he was a fantastic musician

  2. I am stunned. I will miss knowing Gary Moore is around and making music. May he rest in peace and bring his guitar magic to Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven.

    – Stone

  3. His tenure with Thin Lizzy was outstanding! Gary Moore will definitely be missed…cause Blaine says so!

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