Metal Church – Metal Church

Metal Church – Metal Church (1985, Elektra Records)

1. “Beyond the Black” … 6:23
2. “Metal Church” … 5:03
3. “Merciless Onslaught” … 2:54
4. “Gods of Wrath” … 6:41
5. “Hitman” … 4:39
6. “In the Blood” … 3:31
7. “(My Favorite) Nightmare” … 3:12
8. “Battalions” … 4:53
9. “Highway Star” … 4:39

David Wayne – Vocals
Kurdt Vanderhoof – Guitar
Craig Wells – Guitar
Duke Erickson – Bass
Kirk Arrington – Drums

Producer: Metal Church and Terry Date

I have owned Metal Church’s second album, The Dark, for YEARS. For whatever reason, I was never a fan of it but constant praise for this group has convinced me to start from the very beginning. And what an album this debut is! Classic metal through and through as the band uses a more melodic brand of thrash and speed metal while also employing power metal as well.

Songs like “Beyond the Black”, “Metal Church” and “Battalions” are out and out metal classics that I have lived far too long without. They even do a great amped up version of “Highway Star”. It’s amazing that even with just this one album, the band wasn’t able to become metal superstars. They were even on the same label as Metallica… why didn’t this work out ?!?¬†And that cover? Man, that cover is one of the most metal and evil looking album covers of all time!

Again, this is one of those great classic metal albums where I’m really at a loss for words other than to say that I think it’s great. I’ve even ordered a few more Church CDs and plan on revisiting The Dark in the near future.

Highlights: “Beyond the Black”, “Metal Church”, “Gods of Wrath”, “Battalions”, “Highway Star”

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  1. Yes, The Dark IMO is slightly superior to this, and if you wanted you can get the bonus track for the vinyl version fo this on Metal church’s website here: it is entitiled big guns. There is also other Metal Church stuff too for download on the same page and also mroe on here: but anyways I really want to get this after hearing all the songs from ehre for a while now.

  2. One of my all time favorite albums. Rightly viewed as a classic must own album.

  3. Most of their albums are solid, but their debut is far and away their best work.

  4. One of the best debut albums from the metal genre of the 80’s and it still sounds great

  5. I love this disc. A must-own for a metal fan. The Dark was okay, but Blessing In Disguise is better.

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