Grave Digger – Ballads Of A Hangman

Grave Digger – Ballads Of A Hangman [Limited Edition Digipack] (2009, Napalm Records)

1. “The Gallows Pole” … 0:48
2. “Ballad of a Hangman” … 4:45
3. “Hell of Disillusion” … 3:56
4. “Sorrow of the Dead” … 3:25
5. “Grave Of The Addicted” … 3:34
6. “Lonely the Innocence Dies” … 5:46
7. “Into the War” … 3:32
8. “The Shadow of Your Soul” … 4:15
9. “Funeral for a Fallen Angel” … 4:31
10. “Stormrider” … 3:17
11. “Pray” … 3:36
Bonus Track
12. “Jailbreak” … 4:04

Chris Boltendahl – Lead Vocals, Backing vocals
Manni Schmidt – Guitar, Backing vocals
Thilo Hermann – Guitars, Backing vocals
Jens Becker – Bass
Stefan Arnold – Drums
H.P. Katzenburg – Keyboards

Additional Musicians:
Victoria Freeman – Lead Vocals (“Lonely The Innocence Dies”)

Producer: Grave Digger & the Resetti Brothers

Wanting to expand my horizons metallic horizons, I picked up this album in early 2010 after reading so many positive reviews for it. I’ve been familiar with the band in name only for many, many years but I guess whatever samples I would listen to online never grabbed me enough to pick up any previous albums.

To be honest, I’ve spun this disc every now and again throughout the year and I’ve never been able to get into it. Not sure why because when I listened to it again recently I really enjoyed it. It’s not a great album or anything but when I’ve got 7 of the 12 songs pegged as “highlights”, I guess I would have to say it is very good.

“Lonely The Innocence Dies” is a great moody ballad. “Stormrider” sounds like Judas Priest worship… Not that I’m complaining! I can easily hear Halford singing a song like that. “Pray” is a very commercial effort and more melodic affair, which caught me off guard. It almost sounds like something Ratt would do, it’s got that ’80s sleaze pop-metal kinda vibe to it. “Jailbreak” is a bonus track that comes only with the digipack version is, of course, a cover of the Thin Lizzy song. The band does a good job giving it a power metal makeover.

So FINALLY after owning this album for nearly a year, I sit down, give it a few listens and I like it. Makes me want to go back and check out the band’s ’80s material.

Highlights: “Grave Of The Addicted”, “Lonely The Innocence Dies”, “The Shadow of Your Soul”, “Funeral For A Fallen Angel”, “Stormrider”, “Pray”, “Jailbreak”


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