Avenged Sevenfold – Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough

Avenged Sevenfold – Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough (2008, Warner Bros. Records)

Live in the LBC DVD:
1. “Critical Acclaim”
2. “Second Heartbeat”
3. “Afterlife”
4. “Beast and the Harlot”
5. “Scream”
6. “Seize the Day”
7. “Walk” (abridged) (Pantera cover)
8. “Bat Country”
9. “Almost Easy”
10. “Gunslinger”
11. “Unholy Confessions”
12. “A Little Piece of Heaven”

Diamonds in the Rough CD:
1. “Demons” … 6:17
2. “Girl I Know” … 4:26
3. “Crossroads” … 4:33
4. “Flash of the Blade” … 4:05
5. “Until the End” … 4:46
6. “Tension” … 4:51
7. “Walk” … 5:24
8. “The Fight” … 4:09
9. “Dancing Dead” … 5:54
10. “Almost Easy” (CLA Mix) … 3:57
11. “Afterlife” (Alternate version) … 5:55

M. Shadows – Lead Vocals
Synyster Gates – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Zacky Vengeance – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Johnny Christ – Bass, Backing Vocals
The Rev – Drums, Backing Vocals

Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough is a DVD/CD release. The DVD is from a Long Beach, California concert at the Long Beach Arena that took place in April 2008 and the CD is comprised of B-sides, covers and unreleased songs. Honestly, I have not watched the DVD. I’m much more into listening to the music rather than sitting down and watching a concert. If I’m gonna watch a concert, I want to be there in person! Having seen the band live in 2009, I’m sure the performance here is just as good as the show I was at but that’s not why I bought this album. I’m sure I’ll sit down and watch it some day.

I bought the album (used and online) strictly for the CD since I’ve become a huge fan of the since since 2009. I wanted to hear these rarities and I wasn’t disappointed. From what I’ve read, many of these songs were leftovers from the group’s 2007 self-titled album though I’m not sure which ones but a few are easy to pick out like “Demons”, “Until The End” and “Dancing Dead”. Either of these could’ve easily made the album and I’m assuming the only reason they didn’t make the cut is because they didn’t want the album to seem bloated. “Dancing Dead” has actually become one of my favorite A7X songs. It’s crazy to think this one didn’t make it to an album. I’m pretty sure the covers of Iron Maiden’s “Flash of the Blade” and Pantera’s “Walk” had previously appeared on tribute albums.

Sometimes it seems like I’m one of the few classic-mind rock/metal fans that actually gets A7X. I’m not sure why that is. The classic metal influence on these guys is obvious, they just put a new and modern twist on it. I think it’s really cool these guys have been able to become one of the biggest metal bands while their music holds some of that old school metal sound.

Odds ‘n’ sods compilations like these are sometimes hit-or-miss. It’s the nature of the beast when you’re dealing with B-sides and unreleased songs but had the band thrown this out and said “hey, here’s our new studio album”, I still would’ve thought it to be great. This is how good these songs are. I’m certainly not saying a collection of B-sides and covers is equal to or better than Avenged Sevenfold or Nightmare but this is still a very good album that should please anyone who likes the band.

Highlights: “Demons”, “Girl I Know”, “Flash Of The Blade”, “Until The End”, “Tension”, “Dancing Dead”


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  1. Speak for yourself, I think I am starting to like these guys after plying Bat Country in Guitar Hero 6, but I need to listen to more of their stuff first.

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