Lizzy Borden – Visual Lies

Lizzy Borden – Visual Lies (1987, Metal Blade Records)

1. “Me Against The World” … 5:03
2. “Shock” … 4:35
3. “Outcast” … 4:21
4. “Den of Thieves” … 3:48
5. “Visual Lies” … 4:05
6. “Eyes of A Stranger” … 4:27
7. “Lord of the Flies” … 5:41
8. “Voyeur (I’m Watching You)” … 4:32
9. “Visions” … 5:24

Lizzy Borden – Vocals
Gene Allen – Guitar
J. Holmes- Guitar
Michael Davis – Bass
Joey Scott – Drums

Producer: Max Norman

The band delivers another great slice of heavy metal except this time the power metal is toned down and there’s a much more glammed up, commercial element thrown in. Still, Visual Lies remains one of my favorite Lizzy albums. “Me Against the World” is easily one of their best songs, a truly great metal anthem, made even more legendary by its inclusion in the Black Roses movie and soundtrack.

Lizzy Borden (the singer) was trying very hard to be the ’80s answer to Alice Cooper but who cares? There’s room for more than one soldier in the shock rock army! I love the cover, it looks like something you’d have seen on a VHS box in the horror section at a video store. It’s complete ’80s schlock and Lizzy is one of the great metal singers of the ’80s with his whiny and theatrical vocals.

This album very definitely sounds like a precursor to 1989’s Master of Disguise. Slickly produced heavy metal with a flair for theatrics, sleaze and violence. As a rule, you really can’t go wrong with Lizzy Borden and Visual Lies is no exception.

Highlights: “Me Against the World”, “Shock”, “Outcast”, “Visual Lies”, “Eyes of a Stranger”, “Voyeur (I’m Watching You)”


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  1. Good review. Great album by LIZZY BORDEN.

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