MEGADETH – Rust In Peace Live

Megadeth – Rust In Peace Live (2010, Shout! Factory)

1. “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” … 7:03
2. “Hangar 18” … 5:06
3. “Take No Prisoners” … 3:25
4. “Five Magics” … 6:01
5. “Poison Was The Cure” … 3:36
6. “Lucretia” … 3:59
7. “Tornado of Souls” … 5:29
8. “Dawn Patrol” … 1:53
9. “Rust In Peace… Polaris” … 6:10
10. “Holy Wars – Reprise” … 4:16
11. “Skin O’ My Teeth” … 3:20
12. “In My Darkest Hour” … 6:12
13. “She-Wolf” … 3:37
14. “Trust” … 5:10
15. “Symphony of Destruction” … 4:01
16. “Peace Sells” … 4:47

Dave Mustaine – Vocals, Guitar
Chris Broderick – Guitar
David Ellefson – Bass
Shawn Drover – Drums

Producer: Bart Peters

Pretty odd that Shout! Factory would release this as I thought Megadeth still had a deal in place with Roadrunner Records, owing them one more album, but maybe that only applies to studio albums? Anyway, this show was recorded on March 31, 2010 at the historic Hollywood Palladium and is notable for being the first recording to feature David Ellefson back on bass after an 8 year absence from the band.

My feelings are mixed on Megadeth’s past live releases. I was totally unimpressed initially by 2001’s Rude Awakening. Looking back, it was an okay live album but it’s inferior compared to 2007’s That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires. Due to me liking That One Night so much, I wanted to pick this album up. I’m actually surprised very little marketing has been done for it, I only knew it existed because I was browsing through a few weeks ago and it popped up as a recommendation.

As you can tell by the title of the album, the band plays the entire Rust In Peace album. This was being done on the entire tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album. The “encore” is a number of Megadeth’s biggest hits and crowd favorites and every song on this album sounds fantastic. Megadeth has never had a problem performing in a live setting, Dave always has the cream of the crop in his band. It’s absolutely amazing the number of extremely talented co-guitarists he’s had over the years.

Though I’ve always thought Rust In Peace was overrated (very good, but still overrated), fans who are absolutely in love with that album should be absolutely in love with this live disc. The packaging is kinda low-budget though. You’d think there’d be some liner notes from Dave about the original album, or this tour or this one particular show, but nope, just some album credits and photos from this concert. Maybe such extra content is being saved for a special edition of Rust In Peace.

Still, Megadeth fans should be just as pleased with this release as the crowd was that night!

Highlights: “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”, “Hangar 18”, “Take No Prisoners”, “Rust In Peace… Polaris”, “In My Darkest Hour”, “Trust”, “Symphony of Destruction”, “Peace Sells”


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  1. This Megadeth CD is a scorcher! Whoa. You are right on about “every song on this album sounds fantastic”. I just can’t get enough of hearing “Rust In Peace Live”. Like you, I really am surprised this CD was not advertised more… then again, Megadeth has their scores of Metalhead fans out there that are in the know… like us! 😉


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