CRISS – Cat #1

Criss – Cat #1 (1994, Tony Nicole Tony Records)

1. “Bad Attitude” … 4:35
2. “Walk the Line” … 3:49
3. “Truth” … 4:54
4. “Bad People Burn in Hell” … 3:47
5. “Show Me” … 4:04
6. “Good Times” … 4:36
7. “Strike” … 4:45
8. “Blue Moon Over Brooklyn” … 5:23
9. “Down with the Sun” … 4:37
10. “We Want You” … 3:48
11. “Beth” … 2:48

Peter Criss – Lead Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Mike Stone – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Mike McLaughlin – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mark Montague – Bass, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Ace Frehley – Guitar (“Bad Attitude”, “Walk the Line”, “Blue Moon Over Brooklyn”)
Wayne Johnson – Acoustic Guitar
Doug Shawe, Dito Godwin – Piano
Kirk Miller – Guitar
Stephen Presley – Keyboards

Producer: Dito Godwin & Peter Criss

Peter’s non-KISS material has always been the least enjoyable of the original four members of KISS. His self-titled KISS album is pretty lame and I’ve read that 2007’s One For All was even worse. Of the five solo albums he’s released to date, I think Cat #1 is easily the best. Yeah, I know “Criss” is the name of the band and it’s commendable that he tried to get a real band going but let’s call a spade a spade and just say this is a Peter Criss album (even though guitarist Mike Stone handles vocals on “Show Me” and “We Want You”). This album may have gotten a bit more notice had it been titled as such.

You won’t find any of Peter’s jazz, R&B, big band or crooning influences here. This is a hard rock ‘n’ roll album that sounds like it came out of the late ’70s or early ’80s. In short, it’s the type of album he should’ve made back then during that very time frame!

There’s some great rockers like “Bad Attitude”, “Show Me” and “The Truth” and then some cool ballads as well (“Good Times”, “Blue Moon Over Brooklyn”). Peter’s always had a great soulful voice and it’s in fine form throughout the album. For KISS fans, I think this is worth seeking out, especially if you’re a fan of the original line-up and not only because of Peter Criss but because Ace plays guitar on a few of these songs.

Highlights: “Bad Attitude”, “The Truth”, “Bad People Burn in Hell”, “Good Times”, “Blue Moon Over Brooklyn”


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  1. Did you notice that the “Catman” make-up is a bit different from his KISS “Catman” make-up? The “whiskers” connect to his mouth and there’s no black outline around his nose.
    This is because Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley own the rights to his make-up…that’s why Eric Singer can wear it now.

    • I really think that is pretty stupid, why don’t Simmons and Stanley just give him his make-up rights, whatever, I do think the cover of this album looks pretty cheesy though, so is this more hard rock, heavy metal, or glam metal?

      • >why don’t Simmons and Stanley just give him his make-up rights

        They want all rights to anything “KISS“.
        Actually Peter sold them the rights to his make-up when he quit the band in the early ’80s…Ace Frehley kept the rights to his make-up when he quit in the ’80s though.
        And Ace wouldn’t permit Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley to use his make-up on the cover of the “KISS My A**” album—that why his make-up can’t be seen on that album cover (it’s altered). Even the photos of the KISS tattoos on fans have all photos of Ace’s make-up censored.

        When Ace rejoined KISS for the ’90s Reunion Tour, Gene and Paul insisted he sell his rights to the “Spaceman” make-up to them before he could be permitted back in the band.

        So now Gene and Paul own the rights to all of the KISS make-up and they can allow Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer to wear the “Catman” and “Spaceman” make-up and costumes.

      • OK, well I will keep an eye out for this, I still think that mix of green and purple looks a bit cheesy

  2. I used to have his ‘Out of Control’ solo album on vinyl and had for years but hated it so much I got rid of it, I regret it now, not because I changed my mind about the music but because it is so hard to find now adays

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