WHITESNAKE – Whitesnake

Whitesnake – Whitesnake (1987, Geffen Records)

1. “Crying in the Rain” … 5:37
2. “Bad Boys” … 4:09
3. “Still of the Night” … 6:38
4. “Here I Go Again” … 4:33
5. “Give Me All Your Love” … 3:30
6. “Is This Love” … 4:43
7. “Children of the Night” … 4:24
8. “Straight for the Heart” … 3:40
9. “Don’t Turn Away” … 5:07

David Coverdale – Lead Vocals
John Sykes – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Neil Murray – Bass
Aynsley Dunbar – Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Don Airey – Keyboards
Bill Cuomo – Keyboards
Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar solo (“Here I Go Again”)

Producer: Mike Stone & Keith Olsen

And with this, my Whitesnake collection is complete. I held off on getting this album for years because I knew the whole album by heart since I had owned the cassette since 1996 or so. Out of boredom, I finally plunked down a couple of bucks online to pick this one up.

Despite being the band’s most successful time, this really began the worst era for the band (which even Coverdale himself now admits). Released 3 years before this album, Slide It In was a perfect blend of their old blues-rock sound and pop-metal sound of the day but this cheesy album went overboard with the pop-metal and commercial rock sound and it has a high filler quotient as a result. Sure, there are a few classics here like the epic “Still of the Night” and the monster hits “Here I Go Again” and “Is This Love” but the blues influenced is basically gone and in its place is a lot of generic ’80s hard rock. At least Coverdale puts on another fine performance but the songs don’t really call for him to show off his voice too much.

This is one of Whitesnake’s worst albums but that said, it’s still an okay album that used to get a lot of play from me. I would rather listen to anything before or after this album and Slip of the Tongue though.

Highlights: “Crying in the Rain”, “Still of the Night”, “Here I Go Again”, “Is This Love”, “Don’t Turn Away”


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  1. One of their worst? Really? I adore this album even though I hated it when it came out. Still of the Night and here I go Again are weak, but the rest of the album kicks ass. John Sykes is phenomenal and it was pretty shitty how the whole band got fired right after the album was finished. Whitesnake never put out anything comparable afterward.

  2. It’s decent and one of their better albums for sure. It’s no Slide it in, but still fine.

  3. I saw Whitesnake open for Motley Crue on this album tour… Motley Crue was out supporting “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Whitesnake only played five songs that night… man, I wish they played 20 songs!

    This Whitesnake album is a Classic for me… even that darn ballad “Is This Love”… and I don’t dig ballads that often. I really dig “Good To Be Bad” a tremendous amount… that album is vintage Whitesnake, albeit the lineups have changed over the years. David Coverdale and Whitesnake are gonna have a kick-butt comeback in 2011! Whoa yeah!


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