Asphalt Valentine – Strip Rock Roll (2010, JamSync Music)
Original Release: 2009, Chavis Records

1. “Never Lose It” … 4:09
2. “Dirty Little Secret” … 4:33
3. “It’s Not Me” … 4:20
4. “Hard Life” … 5:24
5. “Love and Gone” … 4:08
6. “Don’t Come Easy” … 5:02
7. “Be Your Drug” … 4:01
8. “Strip Rock Roll” … 4:21
9. “Down To The Aces” … 4:26
10. “On That Line” … 3:11
11. “Bombshell” … 3:39

Joe Flynt – Vocals
Brett “Beretta” Ciaramella – Guitar
Evan McKee – Guitar
Scott Clark – Bass
Scozz – Drums

Producer: Andy Reilly & Asphalt Valentine

Asphalt Valentine is one of many bands I had been aware of for quite some time (this album was originally released in 2009 by Chavis Records) but never got around to getting their album despite reading positive reviews for it. Luckily, JamSync Music hooked me up with a digital copy when I found out that JamSync’s “Summer of Sin” tour package (Asphalt Valentine/Mama Kin/Modern Superstar) was going to be rolling through Fort Walton Beach. It was my original intention to coincide this review with the day of the show and also to attend the show but I ended up having to work. Asphalt Valentine may have left FWB but their music still plays on in my house!

As if you couldn’t tell by the album’s cover art and title, Asphalt Valentine are basically a modern-day hair band in the same way that Buckcherry, Charm City Devils, Black Robot and The Last Vegas are. It’s straight up sleaze ‘n’ hard rock though they are probably a bit more melodic than the bands I just mentioned. Being from Atlanta, you can hear a bit of a Southern rock influence. I found this to be most true on “Love and Gone”, though the Southern influence is not strong enough to call them a Southern rock act. The band even dabbles with in bluesy glam-rocker that would make Cinderella proud with the song “Don’t Come Easy” (easily my favorite song on the album). The rest of the album is filled with solid rockers that will stick in your head for the rest of the day.

I really wish I hadn’t missed out on seeing these guys live! I would love to see Motley Crue help these guys out like they have Buckcherry, Hinder and The Last Vegas. Take these guys on the road with ya for the next Cruefest, Nikki! I figured the album would have a few tracks I’d like but I didn’t think I’d be spinning the entire album so much. Asphalt Valentine are definitely a band that fans of no-frills good time hard rock need to listen to. And if you want to pick up this album, be sure to pick up the JamSync version because it has an extra track on it.

Highlights: “Dirty Little Secret”, “Love and Gone”, “Don’t Come Easy”, “Be Your Drug”, “Strip Rock Roll”


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  1. I have listened to a bit of these guys on the internet and these guys are really good from what I hear, I plan to pick this up some time

  2. The cd is great and these guys are amazing live! Pure, true, rock ‘n’ roll the way it was meant to be!

  3. The albums badass and the live shows are even better! Catch a show and you will remember this one! And to top it off they are all hella great dudes! So there……cya!

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