Songs That Give Me Chills

Obviously, anyone who enjoys listening to music is going to have hundreds and hundreds of songs that would say they “love”. Some songs strike an even more special chord with me though. Yes, that’s right. There are some songs that seem to inspire something within me WHENEVER I hear them. Songs that quite literally send a chill down my spine by their awesomeness. Off the top of my head, here’s a handful:

Avantasia – “The Scarecrow” (The Scarecrow)

One of the most epic metal songs of all time. The vocals are outstanding and I really enjoy the Celtic rock vibe of it. I can see this having a really cool set up on a live stage.

L.A. Guns – “OK, Let’s Roll” (Waking The Dead)

With lyrics written about the events of United Airlines Flight 93 from 9/11, this one really gets to me:

Skies of Pennsylvania became a battle ground
Two hundred miles away, the towers had come down
One last chance to say goodbye, he called her on his phone
Said he knew what must be done, “I am not coming home.”

Are you ready, okay, let’s roll

KISS – “Love Gun” (Love Gun)

One of KISS’ finest songs, I’ve loved it since I first heard it and thankfully I can now die saying I’ve seen them play it live. I’ll never forget seeing Paul zip-line over the crowd on the way to his platform as the intro played out. Picked a live version from 2005 just for something different.

KISS – “Modern Day Delilah” (Sonic Boom)

My favorite track off Sonic Boom. It’s a KISS classic with a mix of Zeppelin thrown in. Love the lyrics.

KISS – “I’m An Animal” (Sonic Boom)

Another instant classic from Sonic Boom and easily the best Gene song from the album. They’ve started playing this one live, too bad I caught them on the very first show on their previous tour, so they hadn’t added it to the set list yet!

Guns ‘N Roses – “Madagascar” (Chinese Democracy)

Chinese Democracy is one of my favorite albums of all-time and this one of the best songs on the album (and that’s saying something).

Aren’t there more? Of course but we’ll get those on a later date…

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  1. Fade to Black did this to me to, especially when they completely end all the acoustic stuff and go into my favorite guitar solo of all time
    Another that did this to me is Heaven and Hell by Black sabbath, that main riff is so powerful and makes me want to play air guitar (I actually do it sometimes just when no one is looking) and pretend I am Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi together like James Hetfield and playing live, the version from Live Evil is the one that does this to me, no the studio, also the live Sign of the Southern Cross from Live evil does the same thing where Ronnie adds the lines halfway through and finishes Heaven and Hell after (you know what lines I am talking about if youi’v e heard it, and no I don’t worhsip the devil, I actually abstain from religion, but lets not get into that)

  2. “Love Gun” reminds me of having a birthday party at Pizza Hut… uh, in the late ’70’s of course.

    Cool list… Lots O’ KISS and that makes it more cool.


  3. Micke Hasselqvist

    Say what you want about Kiss, but they sure have had a lot of classic songs over the years. I’m never changing my mind about Detroit Rock City and Black Diamond – they’re two of the world’s greatest rock songs.

  4. I had never heard that L.A. Guns song “OK, Let’s Roll” (I have many of their albums…but not “Waking The Dead”).
    It’s a good song.

    There are so many excellent metal songs, it’s difficult to make a “best of” list.
    But some of my favorites:

    The “Operation: Mindcrime” album by Queensryche (can I include an entire album?)
    “Suicide Solution” by Ozzy Osbourne
    “God Of Thunder” by KISS
    “Children Of The Grave” by Black Sabbath
    “100,000 Years” by KISS
    “The Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson

    • I used to listen to a lot of L.A. Guns back in the ’80s / early ’90s…I saw their “Hollywood Vampires” show in Yokohama.
      But, as I wrote above, I hadn’t bothered with their “Waking The Dead” album…but because of your recommendation, I just got it.

      You’re right….it’s quite good. And I also like the song “OK, Let’s Roll” a lot.

  5. I hadn’t heard the first three songs in your list but I know KISS and GNR. They are awesome! I especially love LOVE GUN! I can’t turn the music off whenever I catch it on the radio…


  6. Normally most KISS songs just inspire me to have bowel movements.

    A few songs that give me chills:
    Hallowed be thy name, Phantom of the opera-Iron Maiden
    Overkill, Deaf Forever-Motorhead
    Blood and iron-Overkill
    Chemical warfare, Piece by piece-Slayer
    The sentinel, Evening Star-Judas Priest
    No quarter, Immigrant song-Led Zeppelin
    Come to the sabbath-Mercyful Fate
    The ballad of Dwight Frye-Alice Cooper

    I’m also with Rattrocker on Sign of the southern cross, but I prefer the studio version.

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