WARRANT – Belly To Belly: Volume One

Warrant – Belly To Belly: Volume One (1996, CMC International)

1. “In the End (There’s Nothing)” … 3:12
2. “Feels Good” … 2:51
3. “Letter to a Friend” … 4:33
4. “AYM” … 2:50
5. “Indian Giver” … 4:54
6. “Falling Down” … 3:56
7. “Interlude # 1” … 0:11
8. “Solid” … 3:13
9. “All 4 U” … 3:40
10. “Coffee House” … 4:37
11. “Interlude # 2” … 0:18
12. “Vertigo” … 2:36
13. “Room With a View” … 2;59
14. “Nobody Else” … 4:13

Jani Lane – Vocals
Rick Steier-  Guitar
Erik Turner – Guitar
Jerry Dixon – Bass
Bobby Borg – Drums

Producer: Jerry Dixon, Erik Turner, Jani Lane, Rick Steier and Stefan Neary

This was a weird phase for the band when they tried to blend into the alternative rock scene. I’m not sure how serious of an effort this was but it looks like they even went for a name change wanting to be known as “Warrant 96” because that’s how they are referred to on this album and in the liner notes and I’ve seen sources online list this album that way. With the image makeover and style of music on this disc, they should’ve gone and changed their name completely because being known as Warrant wasn’t doing them any favors at this point.

Anyway, Belly To Belly: Volume One (They were planning more of these?) continues the evolution to a alternative sound that the group started with a few songs from 1992’s Dog Eat Dog and fully realized with most of 1995’s Ultraphobic.

Once you get past that this is Warrant, a quintessential hair band playing alternative rock, this is actually a pretty good album. Despite the change in sound and mood, Jani still hadn’t lost his knack for writing great lyrics. He’s one of the best song writers to come out of the pop-metal scene. From what I’ve read, he was going through a divorce at the time of this album and that makes sense when you pay attention to the lyrics, which are probably some of the best he’s ever written. Also, the lyrics were influenced by the band’s rise and fall in the music industry and the changing of the times. It’s easy to feel a connection to these lyrics and understand the pain he must have been going through.

This isn’t really a heavy album but it certainly isn’t “lite metal” of the glam persuasion. On their last two efforts, the band seemed to be getting heavy on a number of songs just for the sake of not coming across as a fluff act but they’ve mellowed a bit on these songs in order to fit the somber, introspective mood.

This is not an album that has any room for pop-metal anthems and Bic-waving ballads but Belly To Belly still turns out more than a handful of quality tunes with some real meaning behind them. Maybe it’s not what people wanted to hear (Warrant fans wanted another Cherry Pie, non-Warrant fans just wanted them to go away), but the album is a success in my book.

Highlights: “In The End (There’s Nothing)”, “Letter To A Friend”, “Indian Giver”, “Falling Down”, “Solid”, “All 4 U”, “Room With A View”


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