SPACEWALK: A Salute to Ace Frehley

Various Artists – Spacewalk: A Salute to Ace Frehley (1996, Shrapnel Records/Triage Records)

1. “Deuce” – Marty Friedman … 3:47
2. “Shock Me” – Gilby Clarke … 3:23
3. “Rip It Out” – Scott Ian … 3:47
4. “Hard Luck Woman” – Ron Young & Jeff Watson … 3:11
5. “Snowblind” – Snake Sabo … 4:01
6. “Rock Bottom” – Sebastian Bach … 3:07
7. “Parasite” – Tracii Guns … 3:16
8. “Cold Gin” – John Norum … 4:10
9. “New York Groove” – Bruce Bouillet … 4:52
10. “Fractured Mirror” – Dimebag Darrell … 6:35

Pretty good tribute to Ace although some of these songs choices make me scratch my head. “Deuce”? “Hard Luck Woman”?  Ace didn’t sing lead on these songs and he didn’t write them either so what’s the connection? “Deuce” is a Gene signature song and “Hard Luck Woman” belongs to Peter. They could’ve easily left those songs out and included “Strange Ways”, “Rocket Ride”, “Hard Times”, “Talk To Me” or even something from his solo days.

The songs are pretty faithful to the originals but it’s fun to hear other artists’ slight interpretations especially when you’ve got artists like Mary Friedman, Tracii Guns, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bash, etc. The artists listed aren’t necessarily the vocalists but I guess they were considered the “biggest” names to be playing on the tracks so they get their names front and center. In fact, Scott Ian (who is on vocals) has Anthrax bandmates Frankie Bello and Charlie Benante backing him up on “Rip It Out” while Dimebag Darrell and his brother/Pantera bandmate Vinnie Paul performed all of “Fractured Mirror”. Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis plays on a number of these songs.

I don’t know who Bruce Bouillet is but his version of “New York Groove” sucks. I guess he took it back to the original version that was done by Hello. Ace’s take have never been a favorite of mine and I like the original version even less.

For the few bucks I was able to snag this online for, it was well worth the purchase. It’s a good novelty disc for hardcore KISS fans and Dimebag Darrell’s “Fractured Mirror” needs to be heard.

Highlights: “Hard Luck Woman”, “Snowblind”, “Rock Bottom”, “Parasite”, “Fractured Mirror”

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  1. John 5, on his brand new album – “The Art Of Malice” does a cover of “Fractured Mirror”. John 5 gives it solid justice… I couldn’t expect anything less from John 5.

    Bruce Bouillet played for Racer X and The Scream. John Corabi and Scott Travis were members for The Scream too.

    I’m gonna track this CD down… sounds very cool to me.


  2. I bought this CD years ago.

    I was surprised that the track listing included songs that Ace didn’t sing on, too.
    I guess the line of thinking is that Ace’s guitar work stands out on those songs.

    Marty Friedman, Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian and “Dimebag” Darrell (R.I.P.) are (were) all big KISS fans, I’m sure you know.
    “Dimebag” had an Ace Frehley tattoo!

    Marty Friedman moved to Japan a number of years ago…and now he’s in the “Fanta” band. 😉

    Anyways, back on subject…I like “Rip It Out” and “Rock Bottom” on this CD.

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