BUCKCHERRY – Live & Loud 2009

Buckcherry – Live & Loud 2009 (2009, Eleven Seven Music)

1. “Tired of You” … 3:44
2. “Next 2 You” … 3:56
3. “Broken Glass” … 4:39
4. “Check Your Head” … 4:56
5. “Lit Up” … 4:42
6. “Talk To Me” … 3:48
7. “Rescue Me” … 3:48
8. “Rose” … 4:02
9. “For the Movies” … 5:13
10. “Ridin'” … 4:41
11. “Lawless and Lulu” … 4:27
12. “Everything” … 4:31
13. “Sorry” … 4:04
14. “Crazy Bitch” … 7:37
15. “Cream” … 4:05

Josh Todd – Vocals
Keith Nelson – Guitar
Stevie D. – Guitar
Jimmy Ashhurst – Bass
Xavier Muriel – Drums

Producer: Keith Nelson

Buckcherry is easily one of my favorite acts to come out out the ’90s (though they barely made that decade, their debut was released in 1999) and are one of the best hard rock outfits going today, in my opinion. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live three times and hope to see them again in the future. They always put on a fun energetic show, they’re a great live rock ‘n’ roll band. Maybe they aren’t perfectionists and technical wizards but rock ‘n’ roll isn’t about perfection. They aren’t as sloppy as a band like Poison but they have just enough to lend extra charm to their shows.

Live & Loud 2009 is a great representation of what the band is all about. I’m sure the usual touch-ups were done in the studio (in fact I think I hear Josh Todd backing himself on the vocals at one point) but I can say that if anything was changed, the changes were very minor because I know what they sound like live. I actually saw the band on this tour, unfortunately they weren’t recording for this album at the show I went to near Detroit. The whole album was recorded over the course of a few shows in Canada in May 2009.

The album basically doubles as a “best of” and features 5 tracks from 2008’s Black Butterfly which is a good thing because I think that’s their best album yet. The only track off the top of my head I think they missed out on including is “Too Drunk…”. Which is really weird because it was Black Butterfly‘s lead single and was a minor hit on rock stations. What’s even more strange is on the reissue of Black Butterfly it was replaced by the band’s cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” (a song they recorded for NASCAR). I guess that explains not including it here but why would you remove a single from the album in the first place? The song caught a lot of flack for being a too similar to “Crazy Bitch” but I still love it.

Speaking of “Crazy Bitch”, it’s the highlight of the album. In a live setting, the band adds a bit of funk to it and Josh Todd’s stage rap introducing the song is good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll debauchery and fun. The version here is 7 min 37 sec but when I’ve seen them they’ve stretched it out to about the 10 minute mark.

Upon release, the album was going for about $9.99 but I picked it up for $7.99. I’m not a huge fan of live albums but for bands I really love I’m more prone to buy them. I’m glad I picked this up and anyone who isn’t sold on Buckcherry’s studio albums may be able to appreciate this release a bit more.

Highlights: “Tired Of You”, “Next 2 You”, “Broken Glass”, “Check Your Head”, “Lit Up”, “Talk To Me”, “Rescue Me”, “Everything”, “Crazy Bitch”



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  1. Never have gotten into them. They’re just okay.
    Glad to see you back to writing though.

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