Ozzy Osbourne – Scream (2010, Epic Records)

1. “Let It Die” … 6:05
2. “Let Me Hear You Scream” … 3:25
3. “Soul Sucker” … 4:34
4. “Life Won’t Wait” … 5:06
5. “Diggin’ Me Down” … 6:03
6. “Crucify” … 3:29
7. “Fearless” … 3:41
8. “Time” … 5:31
9. “I Want It More” … 5:36
10. “Latimer’s Mercy” … 4:27
11. “I Love You All” … 1:04

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
Gus G. – Guitar
Rob “Blasko” Nicholson – Bass
Tommy Clufetos – Drums, Percussion
Adam Wakeman – Keyboards

Producer: Ozzy Osbourne & Kevin Churko

I picked this one up along with Vince Neil’s Tattoos & Tequila at BestBuy.com for $7.99 and free shipping and just like the Vince Neil album, I originally had no plans to pick it up. That’s the one good thing about the music industry being in the dumpster these days — low prices finally, otherwise I wouldn’t have given this album a second thought.

At $8, I figured if I didn’t like the album I wouldn’t be losing too much and at least it’d be another new release to review. To my surprise, I’m actually enjoying the album a lot. It was a blind purchase, I hadn’t read any reviews at the time of purchase and it’s a good thing — most reviews are saying it’s either average or bad. Of course, I’m wouldn’t really call myself an Ozzy fan so my expectations were quite low in the first place and went in with an open mind.

It seems the major controversy surrounding this album is the new guitarist Gus G. replacing Zakk Wylde. Honestly, you really can’t tell Zakk’s not here. Most of the album was written by the time Gus signed on and there was very little wiggle room to leave his own personal stamp on the songs. He’s basically playing as if he was Zakk which makes you wonder why Ozzy/Sharon got rid of Zakk in the first place. I think most fans would have accepted Gus with open arms if he had been given free rein but the fact that he wasn’t seems to be the deciding factor for most people. I’m told Gus is a great guitarist from his days in Firewind but I’m totally unfamiliar with that band. Oh well, I’m sure within the next year or so Ozzy will put out yet another live album to document the upcoming tour and then maybe the guitar aficionados will be pleased with Gus’ performance then.

Scream keeps the pace with his last two albums… or with what I’ve heard from them. Ozzy’s always done a good job of keeping his sound updated (even if the songs themselves aren’t always good) and he continues on the post-grunge/nu-metal/low-tuned guitars path that he started with 2001’s Down to Earth. There’s not a lot of flash on this album, it’s modern sounding heavy metal and the only time Ozzy gets close to his ’80s heyday is with the ballads but those ballads are very well done. The album is bogged down with a few generic metal numbers but overall I’ve enjoyed the it… and a bit more than self-proclaimed Ozzy fans have apparently!

Previous to this, the only Ozzy albums I’ve owned were Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. Both albums have their moments but neither are personal favorites of mine. I’ve just never taken to Ozzy’s voice or bought into the whole image that he’s the end-all be-all of heavy metal. He’s always been a bumbling fool to me, even previous to becoming a reality star/heavy metal joke. Still, I’ve come to appreciate his run with Black Sabbath and after being entertained by this disc, I’m interested in checking out some of his other solo work.

The Ozzy logo and album title you see on the album cover is not actually a part of the artwork. For my copy, it was a sticker on the cellophane wrapper. Pretty strange but it peeled off easy & clean and I slapped it on the cover of the jewel case to make it look proper.

Highlights: “Let It Die”, “Soul Sucker”, “Life Won’t Wait”, “Diggin’ Me Down”, “Fearless”, “Time”


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  1. Well if you buy any other Ozzy stuff, I suggest Bark At the Moon, No More Tears, Ultimate sin or No Rest For the Wicked, mostly Bark At the Moon, and make sure oyu don’t get the crappy remaster, other than that I don’t plan on getting any new Ozzt stuff besides No More Tears and Ultimate Sin which I don’t have

  2. Just checked this out from the library because there was no way I was paying money to ehar it. It’s as horrible everything else he has done after No more tears. Just overproduced crap.

  3. Gus G. is without question, “restrained” on this Ozzy album. Please check out Firewind… you won’t be disappointed. Firewind is Gus G.’s band and he is a thrill a second to listen to on ANY Firewind album. Plus, Gus G. helped co-found Dream Evil and was their original guitarist. I will not fault Gus G. for being told by Ozzy and his camp to “chill it down”… god forbid if anyone else gets any attention on an Ozzy album besides Ozzy.

    As I look back upon it now, the late/great Ronnie James Dio always would WANT to showcase his guitarist on any given DIO album. It’s too bad Gus G. could not have played for RJD.


  4. very weak album. far away from Black Rain or DtE.

  5. I would also suggest Tribute and Ultimate Sin

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