LIZZY BORDEN – Love You to Pieces

Lizzy Borden – Love You to Pieces [Remastered] (2002, Metal Blade Records)
Original Release: 1985, Metal Blade Records

1. “Council for the Cauldron” … 3:13
2. “Psychopath” … 3:38
3. “Save Me” … 4:05
4. “Red Rum” … 3:53
5. “Love You to Pieces” … 4:29
6. “American Metal” … 5:54
7. “Flesh Eater” … 4:52
8. “Warfare” … 3:49
9. “Godiva” … 2:29
10. “Rod of Iron” … 4:31
11. “Wild One” [demo] … 3:17
12. “Whiplasher” [live demo] … 2:24
13. “Warfare” [live demo] … 2:27
14. “Dirty Pictures” [demo] … 3:44

Lizzy Borden – Vocals
Tony Matuzak – Guitar
Gene Allen – Guitar
Michael Davis – Bass
Joey Scott – Drums

Producer: Lizzy Borden

The first Lizzy album I ever heard was Menace to Society and it was disappointment in my eyes and I felt the more recent Appointment With Death was basically an album of filler outside of a few notables. It is only my love for Master of Disguise that has compelled me to dig through the rest of their catalog. Love You to Pieces is the band’s first LP and it’s a classic that’s chock full of solid heavy metal/power metal with an Iron Maiden influence as well.

There’s just something about Lizzy’s voice that I really enjoy. I can see how some people would be turned off by his high nasal, operatic delivery but it’s unique and I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m a fan of it.

As you can tell by the cover, there’s a good amount of sleaze involved as well (not only do we get a chick in lingerie but in the mirror you’ll see an ax-wielding Lizzy) but what’s a Lizzy Borden album without some sex & violence? Lyrics from the song “Flesh Eater”:

“I growl for my meat
While you bark for the bone
I plunge in so deep
You swallow me whole

You lust for my tongue
It makes me feel mean
I bound your arms
And lick you clean”

Romance? Bah, who needs it! However you may feel about those lyrics (I personally find them to be gleefully juvenile and trashy), the actual song is very good and probably the song where Iron Maiden’s influence is most felt on this album. The rest of the album continues to deliver great metal music whether it’s the heavy metal anthem “American Metal”, the love-gone-psycho tale of “Love You to Pieces” or just the plain psycho in “Psychopath”. This comes pretty close to being my favorite Lizzy album but I still have a soft spot for the theatrics of Master of Disguise. Great release anyway you hack it though.

The 2000 reissue features a few bonus track demos. “Wild One” is good but sounds a bit commercial and could’ve been on almost any glam rock band’s album. “Dirty Pictures” should’ve made the album. I’m not sure when these songs were recorded. “Dirty Pictures” features a lyric that mentions “visual lies” which is the name of the band’s 1987 album. I hate when reissues seem to get random bonus tracks that have no relation to the album they are on.

Anyway, this is a great album but if anyone is going to pick it up, make sure you get the reissue.

By the way, can anyone tell me what Lizzy is saying at the beginning of “Council for the Cauldron”? Sounds like whatever he said was being played in reverse.

Highlights: “Psychopath”, “Red Rum”, “Love You to Pieces”, “American Metal”, “Flesh Eater”, “Rod Of Iron”, “Wild One”, “Dirty Pictures”


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  1. Great album. I have it on vinyl and my CD has the Give ’em the axe EP on it instead of the bonus tracks that your version has.

  2. At the beginning of “Council for the Cauldron” Lizzy says “Hello, suckers” in reverse.

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