PEARL – Little Immaculate White Fox

Pearl – Little Immaculate White Fox (2010, Megaforce Records/White Fox Music)

1. “Rock Child” …  4:20
2. “Nutbush City Limits” …  3:29
3. “Broken White” … 4:35
4. “Check Out Charlie” … 3:22
5. “Mama” … 4:08
6. “My Heart Isn’t In It” … 4:48
7. “Nobody” … 5:02
8. “Worth Defending” … “4:18”
9. “Love Pyre” …  2:53
10. “Whore” … 2:33
11. “Anything” …  4:18

Pearl Aday – Lead Vocals
Scott Ian – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jim Wilson – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Carl “Nalle” Colt – Guitar
Marcus Blake – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dominique Davalos – Bass, Backing Vocals
Matt Tecu – Drums
Eric Leiderman – Drums
Ted Nugent – Guitar (“Check Out Charlie”)
Jerry Cantrell – Guitar (“Anything”)

Producer: Joe Barresi, Jay Ruston, Pearl

When this album unexpectedly arrived in the mail, I wasn’t sure what it was going to sound like. I knew of the album’s existence but I knew nothing about it, or Pearl, really. The only thing I knew about Pearl Aday is that she is the daughter of Meat Loaf and is engaged to Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. A new cool fact I learned is that in addition to singing back up for Meat Loaf, she used to sing back up on tour for Motley Crue. I figured her own style could fall anywhere in between the rock opera of Meat Loaf and the thrash metal of Scott Ian.

She could’ve sounded like anything but Little Immaculate White Fox is a collection of good old-fashion rock ‘n’ roll. Just pure bluesy and southern-influenced rock ‘n’ roll with classic rock vibe. Anyone who likes ’70s hard rock is going to like this disc a lot.

I typically shy away from bands with female lead vocalists. I guess that’s sexist of me but it’s not that I don’t think women should sing or play rock ‘n’ roll it’s just that it rarely appeals to me. Sorry, I prefer male vocalists but having said that Pearl can more than go note for note with the boys. I guess that’s a prerequisite if you wanna tour as a singer with Meat Loaf! She can really belt them out and just has such a powerful rocker chick voice with a song like “Rock Child” but on the flip side she play it soft and sounds downright country on a ballad like “My Heart Isn’t In It”.

The players on this album are pretty interesting. Ted Nugent plays on “Check Out Charlie”, Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell plays on “Anything” and Scott Ian is actually a member of her backing band and plays throughout the whole album.

All told, Pearl’s debut solo disc is a solid rock ‘n’ roll album from top to finish. There are a number of stand out tracks that immediately grabbed me upon first listen. If you long for the days of honest, hard working and passionate rock ‘n’ roll, look no further than Little Immaculate White Fox.

Highlights: “Rock Child”, “Nutbush City Limits”, “Broken White”, “My Heart Isn’t In It”, “Nobody”


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  1. Kostas Greece

    Well i must admit that Pearl is awesome!!
    Her album sounds great and she knows how to rock!
    I would like to say that bands with female lead vocalist are my fav.. 😀
    And here is my fav.. band!! Her name is MARYA ROXX..
    She is amazing and she knows how to rock!!
    she is really really amazing!!!

    if you want to know more check out ( you wont regeret it) 😉

  2. I love this album, it is a great throw back to another era in rock music, she has a great set of lungs and the stand out track to me is ‘Nobody’

  3. Just saw Pearl open for Heart… Amaziing!!! Loved it!!! That says it alll…. and this is a great, great song!!!!!

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