McAuley Schenker Group – Save Yourself (1989, Capitol Records)

1. “Save Yourself” … 6:16
2. “Bad Boys” … 4:05
3. “Anytime” … 5:46
4. “Get Down To Bizness” … 4:23
5. “Shadow Of The Night” … 5:22
6. “What We Need” … 4:15
7. “I Am Your Radio” … 4:49
8. “There Has To Be Another Way” … 1:40
9. “This Is My Heart” … 5:01
10. “Destiny” … 4:35
11. “Take Me Back” … 4:51

Robin McAuley – Vocals
Michael Schenker – Guitar
Steve Mann – Guitar, Keyboards
Rocky Newton – Bass
Bodo Schopf – Drums

Producer: Frank Filipetti

I’m working back through the McAuley era of Michael Schenker’s career (I started with 1991’s M.S.G.) and Save Yourself is another solid slice of melodic hard rock. I prefer the M.S.G. album but there’s a still a few choice cuts here like the minor hit “Anytime”. It’s easily the album’s best song and is a fine example of what good things could come out of the pop metal genre in the late ’80s. I also like the other two singles this album spawned: “This Is My Heart” is another great commercial rocker and “Save Yourself” is a high energy number. “Take Me Back” was a bonus track exclusive to the CD version of the album and it’s pretty darn good.

The trend with McAuley Schenker seems to be an effort to fit in with the glossy hard rock scene of the day, thus Michael Schenker seems content to lay low for the most part but the instrumental “There Has To Be Another Way” shows particular fire and reminds me of Schenker’s earlier works. Robin McAuley again delivers a good performance with his gravelly voice.

As I mentioned earlier, this album isn’t as good as M.S.G., there are a few songs here I consider filler like “Bad Boys” and “Get Down To Bizness”. Looking at the song titles, you would not be incorrect to assume they are fairly generic pop metal numbers.

Still, all told, this is a good album. It’s a shame this group only managed to squeak out a few minor hits, three studio albums and one live release. Robin and Michael made for a good pair.

Highlights: “Save Yourself”, “Anytime”, “Shadow Of The Night”, “There Has To Be Another Way”, “This Is My Heart”, “Take Me Back”


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  1. metalodyssey

    I absolutely love this McAuley Schenker Group album! It has that late ’80’s BIG melodic sound that I can never turn away from. It’s cool you brought this album to Metal light… it really deserves any and all the attention it gets.


  2. any wonder what will happen with the Scorpions after they disband? I think Michael and Rudolf should start an act together

    • Rudolf has said that they will be doing just that, plus Klaus will be singing a few songs for them!

      • I approve, I was hoping more for a Schenker Group where Scorpions and MSG (both Mihcael and McAuley eras) could be played along with new material from the two and have maybe Robin McAuley front the band

  3. I have this one and it costs me a whole fifty cents on CD. I liked this one better than the ’91 album and definitely listen to it more often.

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