Adventures at a yard sale: two un-metal purchases and thirteen very metal purchases

Yesterday, I went to a neighborhood yard sale. Though I typically look down on yard sales (the whole idea of owning “used” items creeps me out), I decided to go with my fiancée and her mom just for laughs. I figured at least I would see some very weird & strange things that would make me chuckle (I did) and in a perfect world I would come across some really cool CDs for cheap (I didn’t). It all started at 8AM but we didn’t go until around 12PM, so who knows what I missed out on.

Anyway, a number of houses had old vinyl records. Despite the fact that I don’t own a record player, I wanted to look through some of these collections. The collections were comprised mostly of the usual ’60s & ’70s cheese you would expect: Saturday Night Fever and The Sound of Music soundtracks, Captain & Tennille, Kenny Loggins, Dean Martin, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Billy Joel and various Christmas compilations. The only real rock album I saw was Ted Nugent’s debut.

Now, I’m a huge fan of old time radio. In fact, I’ve been heavily getting back into listening to the old shows thanks to podcasts — Jack Benny, especially. Throughout the majority of that show’s existence the program’s singer was Dennis Day. Day released a number of singles and albums over the years and had his own radio show in addition to being a cast member on Jack Benny and had a short-lived TV show as well. My fiancée has taken to listening to the shows with me sometimes at night as we lie in bed together and enjoys his voice a lot (he’s a tenor).

Well, the very first stack of vinyls we came across featured this:

Dennis Day Sings Christmas is for the Family (1957)

YES! A Dennis Day Christmas album (that’s Dennis in the blue robe)! My fiancee was excited over a Dennis Day sighting but all I cared about was Jack Benny being on the cover (as Santa) and providing the introduction for the album!

“How much are your albums?”

“A dollar.”


So yes, I now own a very un-metal yet still cool album: Dennis Day Sings Christmas is for the Family. But wait… There’s more! In that same pile there was this:

Bing Crosby - Songs of Christmas (1960)

Yup, I own this now too. I wasn’t so intent on owning this one but how can you go wrong with a Bing Crosby Christmas album? If I’m going to have one vinyl album I can’t play, I might as well own two. The fact that it doesn’t include “White Christmas” is a huge error on Decca Records’ part though. Sadly, I never saw a record player for sale at the yard sale but I’ll have to start looking for one…

So those were my two un-metal purchases. By now you must be wondering what my thirteen very metal purchases were. As I mentioned above, I never found any CDs. I was thinking even if I never came across CDs, maybe I could find a cool movie or two. Nope, didn’t find those either. I found Classic Rock. Classic Rock magazine! Halfway through the neighborhood, much to my delight I found thirteen issues of Classic Rock sitting behind a few recent issues of Rolling Stone and Spin.

Classic Rock magazine is one of the few magazines I still read and respect. Luckily, I didn’t have any of these issues and their publication dates range from 2005 up to 2009 (right up to when I started reading CR, actually). Every issue of CR comes with a free CD but I wasn’t lucky to get any of those (how dare this house hold onto the music!) but who cares! CR is a highpoint for rock journalism. Here’s some of the cover stories from these issues: AC/DC, “50 ‘Lost’ Heroes, Bands, Albums & Plots”, Chinese Democracy: “the unbelievable true story — told for the first time”, “50 Greatest Singers in Rock”, Guns ‘N Roses, Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin, Keith Richards, “50 Best Live Bands… Ever!”, Deep Purple, 2008 Classic Rock Awards and a special edition of CR called The Great Rock Festivals. I can’t wait to dig into these issues!

And the best part? Classic Rock is a $11 magazine these days and these older issues went for $8, $9 and $10 when they originally hit the newsstand. I was expecting maybe having to spend a dollar a piece… Got’em ALL for a whopping total of $3. SCORE !!!

So I found no great obscure albums. No Headless Cross CD for me. =( But I think I made out pretty good. My first purchases are pretty oddball and goofy but the day was closed with a stellar transaction.


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  1. I love olde magazines.

    I just read some old school Spin and Thrash Metal.

    My buddy has a bunch of old Metallion (from Canada – which was like Metal Forces) and I read them recently too.

    My fav,’s are the adds and to see what was being hyped and or “sold” to us back in that time frame. Some of the ads just slay me!

    Rock on!

    Curt King
    Demolish HQ

  2. I’ve always been tempted to stop at yard sales with the hope to find a collection of rare CDs to choose from. But I never have.

  3. if you hope to find something you never usually will!

    you just have to go places at random and good things will be there for you!


  4. LOVE garage sales. Love reading your writing too. It’s rare to find a person with such passion for things these days. Hope you found the thrill of the bargain outweighs the ick factor of owning something pre-loved 🙂

  5. metalodyssey

    I’m a thrift storeaholic. I nail down cool CD’s for less than $1 each… yet it isn’t on every trip though. My latest CD finds are: Metallica “Kill ‘Em All” and Marilyn Manson “Smells Like Children”… for 97 cents each. Yes, after all these years, I had never “upgraded” “Kill ‘Em All” to CD until that ultra cheap find.

    I still have “The Headless Cross” on cassette. If I ever find it on CD, I’ll send it your way… really. Be fair warned though… it most likely will be (yuck) used! (:


    • Ha! Thanks. I hope you find that Headless Cross for me! I always keep an eye on Amazon and eBay for it but I can never bring myself to spend the average of $40 on one album.

      Any Metallica CD for 97 cents is a deal (well, besides St. Anger — they should pay YOU 97 cents to take it).

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