Whitesnake – Slide It In (1984, Geffen Records)

1. “Slide It In” … 3:20
2. “Slow an’ Easy” … 6:08
3. “Love Ain’t No Stranger” … 4:18
4. “All or Nothing” … 3:40
5. “Gambler” … 3:58
6. “Guilty of Love” … 3:24
7. “Hungry for Love” … 3:28
8. “Give Me More Time” … 3:42
9. “Spit It Out” … 4:26
10. “Standing in the Shadow” … 3:42

David Coverdale – Vocals
Mel Galley – Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Sykes – Guitar
Neil Murray – Bass
Cozy Powell – Drums
Jon Lord – Keyboards

Producer: Martin Birch

Slide It In is supposedly Whitesnake’s U.S. debut. I say “supposedly” because by 1984, they had already released six studio albums and one live album and while most of those came out under the EMI label in Europe, they were also released on Geffen which was the band’s U.S. label at the time. So either those albums were released alongside the European versions or Geffen dumped a lot of Whitesnake albums onto the American public in the mid to late ’80s!

Nonetheless, the U.S. version of Slide It In is mixed quite differently than the European version (that mix was criticized upon release in the UK). I have not heard that version but from what I’ve read about it, in the U.S. mix the keyboards and bass were lowered and the guitars and drums were put more up front at Geffen’s request. Also, by the time the album was to be released in the U.S., guitarist Mick Moody and bassist Colin Hodgkinson had left the band and their parts were re-recorded by John Sykes and the returning Neil Murray.

Anyway, this album starts the band’s commercial rise in the United States and maybe what old school Whitesnake fans would say is their musical decline. In my opinion, Slide It In is a fantastic album that acts as a bridge between the band’s early ’80s blues-based hard rock and their late ’80s commercial pop-metal sound. “Slide It In”, “Slow an’ Easy” and “Love Ain’t No Stranger” are a lethal three song line-up. Many albums have a great opening one-two punch but a one-two-three punch ?! Classic Whitesnake songs that are three of my all-time faves from the band.

How about these lyrics? Prime Coverdale. What did you think “Slide It In” and “Slow an’ Easy” would be about? What about “Spit It Out”? It’s obvious what he’s talking about there: “you took my love in the palm of your hand an’ showed me what a woman could do…” It’s awesome and I say that with no sense of irony. I love it.

By the way, check out this Whitesnake line-up. Coverdale has always done a great job of keeping Whitesnake stocked with top players. Sometimes I think Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Deep Purple and Rainbow had some type of musician exchange going. Maybe they held drafts every year.

Slide it in slow an’ easy then spit it out if you don’t like it!

Highlights: “Slide It In”, “Slow an’ Easy”, “Love Ain’t No Stranger”, “Gambler”, “Spit It Out”


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  1. The Euro version doesn’t have Sykes on it. It’s a great album on its own, but I do prefer the US version with Sykes. The Euro version still has a 70s rock vibe to it. I can upload the original version if you’d like to hear it.

  2. This is an unreal, fantastic and fabulous Whitesnake album! (As you can tell, I like “Slide It In”). It’s always great to see this album get the positive attention it deserves.


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