SCORPIONS – Sting in the Tail

Scorpions – Sting in the Tail (2010, Universal Music Enterprises)

1. “Raised On Rock” … 3:57
2. “Sting in the Tail” … 3:12
3. “Slave Me” … 2:44
4. “The Good Die Young” … 5:14
5. “No Limit” … 3:24
6. “Rock Zone” … 3:17
7. “Lorelei” … 4:31
8. “Turn You On” … 4:25
9. “Let’s Rock” … 3:22
10. “SLY” … 5:15
11. “Spirit of Rock” … 3:43
12. “The Best Is Yet to Come” … 4:34

Klaus Meine – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Matthias Jabs – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rudolf Schenker – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paweł Mąciwoda –  Bass, Backing Vocals
James Kottak – Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Tarja Turunen – Vocals (“The Good Die Young)

Producer: Mikael “Nord” Andersson & Martin Hansen

At the time of this album’s release, it has been 45 years since this band was started by Rudolf Schenker, 38 years since their first album (Lonesome Crow) was released and now it may all be coming to an end. This is the group’s seventeenth studio album and this release and its ensuing tour are supposedly meant to be the final chapter in the story of the legendary Scorpions.

I’m not so sure if I believe that. It all sounds well and good and logical that the band would want to leave before they get too old to do this and leave while they can still create new music worth listening to but how many times has a band “retired” only to have a change of heart (if they were ever sincere about it at all)? Once this tour is over, I’m sure the band, if not the members themselves (Klaus has stated he and the Brothers Schenker will be working together at some point) will lay low for a few years but who knows? I wouldn’t be shocked or upset if they decided to give it a go again because they are easily one of my favorite bands.

If this truly is to be the final Scorpions album, the band’s heart was in the right place because as much as I loved their updated sound on Humanity: Hour I (and was actually looking forward to hearing a Hour II) the band needs to exit with an effort that is more in line with their “classic” sound. For those that hated Humanity but loved Unbreakable, you’re in luck. This album is full of the party rock Scorpions are known for and much like Unbreakable, it sounds like it is a lost album from the ’80s.

Sting in the Tail doesn’t come close to matching the band’s best output from the early ’80s but it’s a welcome addition to their catalog and stands as a great release on its own merits. It’s a very polished, commercial effort sounding more like something they might have done in the late ’80s sounding similar to Savage Amusement, Crazy World (“Lorelei” reminds me a lot of “Send Me An Angel”) and Unbreakable. I was hoping for a few heavier numbers but I still can’t complain. Who cares that there’s FOUR songs on this album with the word “rock” in the title when everything is so darn catchy? Funny, if you look at the track listing on the back of the album, there’s a few letters in the song titles that are red. Combine them and you get “it rocks”. And that’s what this album does.

Remembering that it took a few months for Humanity: Hour I to make it to stores in my area after its initial release, I pre-ordered this one from for $7.99 + free shipping. It was the cheapest price I could find online and thought it was pretty cool there was no shipping charge. They timed the shipping perfectly because the album arrived the day it was released in stores (I’m hearing that once again that the album can’t be found in Best Buy just yet).

If it’s really over– thank you, Scorpions, for your forty-plus years of music and thank you for delivering yet another quality album as the final gift to your fans!

Highlights: “Raised On Rock”, “Sting in the Tail”, “Slave Me”, “The Good Die Young”, “No Limit”, “Lorelei”, “SLY”

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  1. Um, I, uh, spent $10 on my Scorpions CD… at Walmart too. Found it there today. It was there, I could not resist, right in front of me the new Scorpions. I haven’t visited Best Buy online for a few weeks, never thought of checking their pricing. Great price you paid! A Metal heads up.

    What do you think of those cool guitar picks that come inside the CD? Not too shabby, I wish more bands and record labels would do this “type” of marketing for the fans.

    I like this new Scorpions… a great deal. You made a fine comparison to “Unbreakable”. There will only be one Scorpions, they shall be missed if this is the last album.

    • Walmart had it? Wow. But what am I saying? They even got Ace’s album in. They’re starting to surprise me with what they bring into the store, it’s even more amazing since they’ve been trimming their music section.

      The picks were cool, didn’t know they’d be there. They’ll just sit in the jewel case for eternity though. 😀

      • My daughter begged me for my Scorpions guitar picks… I reluctantly gave them to her, still it made me proud she wanted them! My Walmart if anything, has enlarged their CD selection… I know it sounds crazy. It seems as if any title is now $10 or lower in this particular Super Walmart. I do notice that each week the Hard Rock and Metal gets re-loaded, then by Saturday it is cleaned out.

        They have been keeping Bruce Kulick “BK3” stocked continuously here too, for $10.

        The only real “downer” about Walmart and Metal is… you have to keep an eye out for the “Edited” versions of the CD’s. They stock Rob Zombie and Hatebreed as “edited” only, for example. The new Scorpions is not edited though… what’s to edit on this Scorpions really? What’s weird is… I bought the Lita Ford debacle – “Wicked Wonderland” at my Super Walmart for $10 last Fall too… NOT Edited!! Now, that is one that Walmart overlooked!! I don’t believe in censorship of music period… but Walmart isn’t very consistent about this Editing program.

        I have a suspicion there is a heavy contingent of Metalheads that live in my area… the Walmart execs probably figured it out and that is fine with me! Especially if they keep lowering the prices on these CD’s.

      • That’s cool that they’re keeping it in stock and paying attention to their customer base. I’ve found a few rock/metal releases there in the last few years that surprised me they would carry but the last time I went there to buy a CD was when Sonic Boom came out.

  2. Well, I don’t personally think that they will quite music area, because as they claimed, they were raised by rock and it is for life. More possible that we could see them some time after last concert, separately as guest musicians to other bands. Hoping to hear from Schenker Brother duet, I guess last time when they rocked together was during first scorp album Lonesome Crow.

    Anyway, when I first heard this album, I was a bit frustrated because songs were just too simple and lack of unique melodic solos really made me sad, but after some time listening album over and over again I turned my mind a bit and found that songs were actually ok. They just had more modern touch and that’s all, but still they had unmistakable scorpions sound.

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