CRAZY LIXX – New Religion

Crazy Lixx – New Religion (2010, Frontiers Records)

1. “Rock And A Hard Place” … 3:54
2. “My Medicine (R.O.C.K)” … 4:39
3. “21 ‘Til I Die” … 3:24
4. “Blame It On Love” … 4:06
5. “Road To Babylon” … 3:18
6. “Children Of The Cross” … 4:30
7. “The Witching Hour” … 4:13
8. “Lock Up Your Daughter” … 4:05
9. “She’s Mine” … 3:39
10. “What Of Our Love” … 4:16
11. “Desert Bloom” … 0:46
12. “Voodoo Woman” … 3:54

Danny Rexon – Vocals
Andy Dawson – Guitar
Loke Rivano – Bass
Joel Cirera – Drums

Producer: Chris Laney

I’ve heard good things about Crazy Lixx over the last few years but other than hitting up their MySpace page once or twice, I never did much research on them. Fortunately, I am afforded the opportunity to sample a number of Frontiers’ new releases and I jumped at the chance to give this album a go.

I decided the best way to devote some serious listening time to New Religion was on my iPod while at the gym. There would be no shuffling that night as I was able to get through most of this album in running order and walked away very impressed by these guys. They “get it”. So many glam-infatuated bands these days have the looks but no hooks. Often times these bands get too caught up in the sleaze and punk vibe that all the songs are so similar you might as well just pick one track at random and hit “repeat”.

Crazy Lixx is not one of those bands. Each song has its own flavor and many of them have stuck with me. I’m currently on my fifth or sixth spin through this album and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Huge gang vocals like on “The Witching Hour”), Def Leppard-inspired “My Medicine (R.O.C.K.)”, melodic rocker “Blame It On Love”, Danger Danger-sounding “She’s Mine”, eff you anthem “21 ‘Til I Die”, the ballad “What Of Our Love”… Crazy Lixx does a great job making fun ’80s-style hard rock, throwing in all the cheese and chest-thumping that goes along with it.

New Religion is a collection of extremely catchy hard rock that’s not to be missed.

Highlights: “My Medicine (R.O.C.K.)”, “21 ‘Til I Die”, “The Witching Hour”, “She’s Mine”, “Voodoo Woman”


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  1. I’ve been spending a lot of time this weekend on Youtube checking out bands from the New Wave of Swedish Sleeze Metal. With the exception of CrashDiet, who I love, I’ve been mostly unfamiliar with a lot of these bands. If I may, I’d like to recommend some albums I think you’ll really like:

    Babylon Bombs – Babylon’s Burnning
    Gemini Five – Sex Drugs Anarchy
    Hardcore Superstar – Beg For It
    CrashDiet – Rest In Sleaze, Unattractive Revolution, Generation Wild

    Right now I’ am really into these albums. If you like Crazy Lixx, do your self a favor and give these albums a chance. For me, CrashDiet is the leader of the pack. Matthew Sweet is prolific. But all of these albums are at least an eight out of ten.

    • Thanks for the recommends. I’m aware of these bands but they don’t seem to have very good distribution in the US, so even used, their albums can be pricey.

      I actually ordered Gemini Five’s Babylon Rockets today, it was only 99 cents. Black Rain is another good modern sleaze band.

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