MEGADETH – Rust In Peace

Megadeth – Rust In Peace (1990, Capitol Records)

1.”Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” … 6:34
2.”Hangar 18″ … 5:12
3.”Take No Prisoners” … 3:27
4.”Five Magics” … 5:41
5.”Poison Was the Cure” … 2:57
6.”Lucretia” … 3:57
7.”Tornado of Souls” … 5:21
8.”Dawn Patrol” … 1:49
9.”Rust In Peace…Polaris” … 5:37

Dave Mustaine – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Marty Friedman – Guitar
David Ellefson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Nick Menza – Drums

Producer: Dave Mustaine and Mike Clink

I figure it’s time I finally comment on Megadeth’s “greatest” album and the beginning of what is acknowledged to be the classic Megadeth line-up. At least, this is the album most people consider to be their greatest. I’m not one of those people. I see it more as a connecting piece for their 1980s and 1990s works but I personally feel it is extremely overrated. When the time comes, I’d take a Youthansia 20th anniversary set list/tour over a Rust In Peace show any day!

It’s definitely a good album, I just think they have done better. I remember being less than impressed with this album when I first heard it but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It wasn’t until later when I read another review talking about the progressive elements of this album that it clicked. I’m not a big fan of progressive rock & metal which would explain why I don’t believe the hype about this album.

I know I’m committing heresy by not saying this is a five-star album but it’s the way I’ve always felt. “Holy Wars”, “Take No Prisoners” and “Hangar 18” (one of my favorite Megadeth tunes) are certainly classics but “Five Magics”, “Poison Was the Cure” and “Tornado of Souls” are filler to me. Short as it is, I think “Dawn Patrol” is pretty cool but couldn’t exactly call it an album highlight. So basically I like six of the nine songs from this album which definitely shows I don’t think this album is garbage but there are other Megadeth albums I reach for before even thinking about spinning this one.

Highlights: “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”, “Hangar 18”, “Take No Prisoners”, “Lucretia”, “Rust In Peace…Polaris”


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  1. I think you’re more committing heresy by saying “Youthansia” is better than this. I remember rushing to the music store in 1994 when it came out and being disappointed for the rest of the year. It’s an album I still can’t take very seriously and marked Megadeth’s bigger slide (moreso than “Countdown to Extinction”) into radio friendly territory.

  2. Fun read,,, respect the authors opinion. That being said I was at Calgarys Megadeth 20th aniversary of rust in peace tour and it kicked ass. Everyone was soaked in Vodka and beer, bodies were riding on the crowd, mosh pits and mini mosh pits were all over the place. Ive seen Megadeth 3 other times and this was such a good show. The way Dave, Dave and crew dug into the classic tunes of Rust in pease were Fkin amazing, fast, heavy and out of this world. Damn that was a killer show.

  3. Fantastic album, their best easily. After this the next few albums went downhill. Saw them open for Judas Priest on this tour and they were amazing.

  4. Marty Friedman (a big KISS fan) lives in Japan.

    He has a new “band” 😉

    (And KISS is scheduled to perform in Tokyo this summer!)

  5. I agree it’s more of a transitional album that blew up larger than it deserved. For me, the bigger deal was definitely Countdown to Extinction. Also, this came out the same year as Seasons in the Abyss – now that’s a 5-star record!

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