KISS – Krazy Killer DVD

KISS – Krazy Killer (2006, MVD)

Being the KISS fanatic that I am, I was aware of this DVD’s existence for quite some time but you couldn’t pay me to sit down and watch some extremely low-budget unauthorized disc such as this. Well… Times change and no, no one paid me to watch this but I’m also a Netflix fanatic and they just happened to have this available to stream to my TV. It was a slow night so I figured I would go ahead and see what this was all about. So while I like to review only what I own, for some reason, I’m making an exception for music-related DVDs. Netflix has more than a few releases I’d like to rent but have no interest in buying, so look for more of these reviews in the future and I’ll be sure to note whether I actually own it or not.

After all, the DVD description sure does make things sound exciting what with Gene & Paul storming at 1994 KISS Konvention and taking back their own merchandise. They should’ve given this release the tagline of “They took the law into their owns hands.” Sounds like a good tag line for some ’80s direct-to-video action movie, doesn’t it? In fact, I’m fairly certain that’s where I stole it from. Krazy Killer also sounds like some weirdo ’80s direct-to-video movie but I’m thinking that it would be more of a slasher film.

Anyway, at worst I figured I would have wasted a few minutes of my quiet night and turned the DVD off promptly as the first signed of complete boredom. But I kept watching… and watching… and watching. You know? Because this much ballyhooed “Konvention” raid doesn’t even take place until about an hour into this ninety-minute DVD. So what’s eating up so much time on Krazy Killer?

An uncut interview with the band circa 1982/1983. Apparently the interview was being conducted for USA Network’s “Night Flight” late night program. I don’t remember that show at all but I do remember its successor “Up All Night” hosted by Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda Shear. No doubt, this nearly one hour interview was probably clipped down to a few soundbites for a 3 minute segment when all was said and done.

Obviously, a DVD like this is only going to appeal to the hardcore KISS fans and I found it pretty interesting to see Vinnie Vincent, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Eric Carr all sitting together in full KISS gear joking around together, acting carefree, doing re-takes, having fun and at times (when waiting for microphones to be fixed and the questions to start) looking bored. Paul and Gene have never been a loss for words and easily breezed through the interview, Eric does a fine job  too being the class clown of the group but seemingly not completely comfortable given so much mic time and then there’s Vinnie who really seemed uncomfortable at having to answer questions and in such an intimate spotlight.

There’s really nothing mind blowing about the interview. KISS talks about KISS, their own personal backgrounds, how they joined the band, etc. There was one moment of note where the interview asks Gene about his connection to Linda Ronstadt and Gene goes into some weird speech and basically tells the guy he’s getting too personal with his questions. The interview apologizes but Paul and Gene further elaborate stating that it’s okay to ask those question and it’s okay that the public feels they have a right to know their about their personal lives but the fact is they don’t have to answer those type of questions. Paul also seems to take a shot at Led Zeppelin for breaking up over John Bonham’s death when the discussion turns to Peter & Ace leaving the band. He says that no one member’s actions is going to dictate how the band proceeds, which is something Gene & Paul say to this very day.

Not the most exciting interview and if you’re a hardcore KISS fan there’s not much insight here but it is still something interesting to watch featuring one of the band’s best line-ups and most magical eras.

Then we move onto the second half of the DVD, the part that was marketed as the main draw: the 1994 Detroit KISS Konvention raid. This was all shot on someone’s camcorder so the audio and video is pretty bad and you don’t really know what’s going on. Basically, some vendor at the convention had tons of KISS merchandise that had supposedly been stolen years ago and Gene & Paul themselves complete with some of Detroit’s Finest storm the booth and confiscate everything.

It’s really annoying to hear all these screaming fans calling out “GENE! GENE! GEEEEEEEENNNNNNNE! PAUL! PAUL! PAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!!” as they try to get a hand shake or autograph. Paul signs a few autographs but Gene is a consummate professional and is only worried about the bottom line and getting his merchandise back.

The video then cuts to them on some stage where Paul explains what happened (audio is extremely poor here) and says it was kind of a sting operation and says that he and Gene will take a few questions from the fans. Again, not a whole lot of note was said (from what I could hear) but it was still pretty cool of them to put themselves on the stop like that even if Gene was really off to the side talking to other people most of the time. After awhile, they then say they gotta split and a catch a plane out of town.

So Krazy Killer is a low-budget unauthorized DVD falsely promoting this Konvention raid as the main draw but makes up for that fact with a decent hour long interview with the band. The DVD can be found for cheap but if you have Netflix, I recommend having them ship a copy to you or just stream it on your PC or TV. KISS fanatics will probably enjoy the interview but become bored by the convention stuff.

And no, I have no idea who the “krazy killer” is in all of this.

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