KEEL – The Right to Rock

Keel – The Right to Rock [25th Anniversary Remastered Edition] (2010, Frontiers Records)
Original Release: 1985, A&M Records/Gold Mountain Records

1. “The Right To Rock” … 3:37
2. “Back To The City” … 3:49
3. “Let’s Spend The Night Together” … 3:44
4. “Easier Said Than Done” … 3:27
5. “So Many Girls, So Little Time” … 3:18
6. “Electric Love” … 4:07
7. “Speed Demon” … 3:41
8. “Get Down” … 5:05
9. “You’re The Victim (I’m The Crime)” … 2:59
10. “Easier Said Than Done” [Remix] … 3:19
11. “The Right To Rock” [2010 Re-Recording] … 3:56

Ron Keel – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Marc Ferrari – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bryan Jay – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kenny Chaisson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dwain Miller – Drums, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Steve Riley – Additional drums
Geno Arce – Bass (on 2010 version of “The Right to Rock”)

Producer: Gene Simmons

Twenty-five years after Keel’s major label debut (1984’s Lay Down the Law was released on the indie label Shrapnel Records) I am just now “getting” the band. I must have been crazy to never have taken to the band before hearing and loving the band’s other 2010 release: the all-new, all-original Streets of Rock & Roll.

I didn’t realize how HEAVY Keel was. There’s a few songs here that would be considered “hair” material, but man, more or less this is a heavy metal album! Ron is really killing it on the vocals too… what a wailer! Guitarist Mar Ferrari really shines throughout the whole album as well. A true guitar god by his efforts on this album alone!

Ultimately, The Right To Rock is a great “debut” that should be revered amongst fans of ’80s hard rock and metal and if you missed it the first time around or if you’re like me and simply haven’t gotten around to checking it out in the years since — now’s the time to do so.

Of note for myself and other KISS fans is that Gene Simmons produced this record. From what I’ve read elsewhere, he also had a hand in writing “Easier Said Than Done”, “So Many Girls, So Little Time” (definitely a Gene title!) and “Get Down”. The Gene influence is easily heard on “Easier Said Than Done” which sounds like a throwaway mid-’80s KISS song right down to Ron Keel seemingly doing his best to imitate Gene’s vocal style.

On this 25th Anniversary edition, in addition to the whole album being remastered we get a remix of “Easier Said Than Done” and a newly recorded version of “The Right to Rock”. The inclusion of a remixed “Easier Said Than Done” seems a bit unnecessary (maybe Gene talked them into doing it) but at least we’re getting something extra as opposed to many remastered releases that offer no bonus tracks. It’s interesting to hear and compare both versions of “The Right to Rock”. Maybe it’s due to modern technology, but the 2010 version seems more powerful and raw.

Highlights: “The Right To Rock”, “So Many Girls, So Little Time”, “Speed Demon”, “Get Down”, “You’re The Victim (I’m The Crime)”

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  1. I kind of liked this when it came out in 1985. Then I picked it up CD some time early last decade and couldn’t believe how badly it had aged. The music is mediocre and the vocals are all over the place. There were far better hard rock albums out at the time. Ron Keel sounded a lot better with Steeler.

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