White Lion – Big Game (1989, Atlantic Records)

1. “Goin’ Home Tonight” … 4:57
2. “Dirty Woman” … 3:27
3. “Little Fighter” … 4:23
4. “Broken Home” … 4:59
5. “Baby Be Mine” … 4:10
6. “Living on the Edge” … 5:02
7. “Let’s Get Crazy” … 4:52
8. “Don’t Say It’s Over” … 4:04
9. “If My Mind is Evil” … 4:56
10. “Radar Love” … 5:59
11. “Cry for Freedom” … 6:09

Mike Trap – Vocals
Vito Bratta – Guitar
James Lomenzo – Bass
Greg D’Angelo – Drums

Producer: Michael Wagener

I picked this one up used for $5.99 at FYE shortly after getting Pride. I wasn’t looking for any White Lion CDs but came across and figured I might as well get it while I was in the mood for the band. Also, it was apparently owned by “Dan” as his name is written on the album insert. Well, thanks for getting rid of your copy, Dan!

Pride is the band’s most successful album but I’m leaning towards Big Game being the better release. From the Van Halen idolizing on “Let’s Get Crazy” (where in addition to Vito imitating Eddie we get an opening squeal from Mike worthy of Diamond Dave) to the pure heavy metal anger (THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT) of “If My Mind Is Evil” to songs that sound a bit more like Pride in “Little Fighter” and “Cry For Freedom” there’s not a whole lot filler here, if at all. My only gripe as I have stated elsewhere would really be “Radar Love”. It’s not horrible but I’m just not a fan of the song, Golden Earring or White Lion version.

While “Broken Home”, “Little Fighter” and “Cry For Freedom” deal with serious issues the band still finds time to get in on typical hair metal bravado with “Dirty Woman”. Fun melodic rockers, hair metal, heavy metal, a handful of ballads… How can you go wrong with this album?

I have to commend the band and returning producing Michael Wagener for no following the formula set on Pride. Sure, it’s not a huge departure but there’s enough curve balls here to keep things interesting and it’s a brave choice to start the album of with “Goin’ Home Tonight” which is a somewhat sappy melodic rocker but Mike Tramp’s vocals really put the song over. It’s a good song but an odd choice to open the album, I think. His emotional vocal style also shines on “Broken Home”, a song that deals with divorce.

Although there aren’t as many straight rockers as Pride has, this is probably the best starting point for those curious about the band.

Highlights: “Goin’ Home Tonight”, “Little Fighter”, “Broken Home”, “Let’s Get Crazy”, “If My Mind Is Evil”, “Cry For Freedom”


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  1. I have to tell you that i like your reviews on your blog. They are not to long, not to short, just perfect and never boring. I dont always agree but i like what i read.
    TAke care and greatings from Spain.
    Rene (KROKUS on HEART OF METAL forum)

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