DIO – Dream Evil

Dio – Dream Evil (1987, Warner Bros. Records)

1. “Night People” … 4:06
2. “Dream Evil” … 4:26
3. “Sunset Superman” … 5:45
4. “All the Fools Sailed Away” … 7:10
5. “Naked In The Rain” … 5:09
6. “Overlove” … 3:26
7. “I Could Have Been a Dreamer” … 4:42
8. “Faces in the Window” … 3:53
9. “When a Woman Cries” … 4:43

Ronnie James Dio – Vocals
Craig Goldy – Guitar
Jimmy Bain – Bass
Vinny Appice – Drums
Claude Schnell – Keyboards

Producer: Ronnie James Dio

I’m not really sure why I put off buying Dio’s solo albums for so long. I’ve never had a problem with the music or the man and I’ve become a HUGE Black Sabbath fan over the last two years. I basically figured Ronnie’s Stand Up and Shout collection was pretty much all I’d ever need but boy was I wrong! Dio is going to be one of those artists for me where I eventually plan on collecting all of his studio albums.

I bought this album the same time I bought Lock Up the Wolves. For whatever reason, I was drawn to Lock Up the Wolves first but now that I’ve backtracked chronologically to this album — I can say as much as I liked Lock Up the Wolves, Dream Evil is much better. Dream Evil is right up there with Holy Diver and The Last in Line as far as classic Dio goes. Perhaps if 1986’s Sacred Heart had stuck to the traditional Dio sound a bit more closely, Dio wouldn’t have already seen such quickly diminishing returns by the time this album was released.

Their really isn’t any filler to be found on this album in my opinion but I have to admit the album’s second single, “I Could Have Been a Dreamer”, is a guilty pleasure. Definitely the slickest most radio-ready song of the bunch but it peaked at No. 33 on the U.S. rock radio charts.

It’s a shame this album started Ronnie’s spiral into obscurity (though it was the gold-status Sacred Heart that did the damage, really) when it comes to the masses because this is a great heavy metal album that stands shoulder to shoulder with the group’s first two efforts.

Highlights: “Night People”, “Dream Evil”, “Sunset Superman”, “All The Fools Sailed Away”, “I Could Have Been a Dreamer”


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  1. I like this one a lot too. Very cool. A shame that the line-up didn’t stick around longer.

  2. Great Metal insight to this DIO classic. If you have not listened to “Master of the Moon” yet, man, this is a DIO album to own! “Master of the Moon” is a DIO accomplishment.

    I saw DIO on this tour, with Savatage and Megadeth opening up. That was one of my greatest nights of live Metal ever… those three legendary bands, together, one night! I bought a “Dream Evil” baseball cap at this concert and wore it until it started to look soupy on my head. It was a shame I had to throw it away… yet this Dream Evil souvenir cap had better days.

  3. Wow…. That’s a great show to see!

    Yep, I have Master of the Moon. It didn’t knock my socks off. My way-too-short review is here: http://metalexcess.com/2008/10/15/dio-master-of-the-moon/

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