SCORPIONS – Love At First Sting

Scorpions – Love At First Sting (1984, Mercury Records)

1. “Bad Boys Running Wild” … 3:53
2. “Rock You Like a Hurricane” … 4:10
3. “I’m Leaving You” … 4:10
4. “Coming Home” … 4:58
5. “The Same Thrill” … 3:30
6. “Big City Nights” … 4:02
7. “As Soon as the Good Times Roll” … 5:02
8. “Crossfire” … 4:33
9. “Still Loving You” … 6:27

Klaus Meine – Lead Vocals
Matthias Jabs – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rudolf Schenker – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Francis Buchholz – Bass, Backing Vocals
Herman Rarebell – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Producer: Dieter Dierks

Another Scorpions album, another fantastic release. It’d really hard to pick my favorite Scorpions album because when they were good they were very good and almost always have zero filler.

Blackout had the classic hit rocker “No One Like You” and Love At First Sting gives us another classic and huge hit for the band: “Rock You Like A Hurricane”. This is a song that is still talked about and ranks high on many best hard rock/metal song lists to this day and also is featured often in commercials, movies and video games. On the back of this song and with support from the follow up singles “Big City Nights” and “Still Loving You” (both minor hits) the album has been driven to sales of 3x platinum and it is the band’s most successful release.

“Still Loving You” is one of the greatest power ballads ever and I always gets a kick out of “Big City Nights” because I usually replace “city” with a popular slang word for a woman’s breast.

This album is a heavy metal classic that in my opinion marks the end of an era for the band. Scorpions would continue to release entertaining albums (for the most part) but the rest of their career would see the band becoming more commercial minded and/or performing a few musical experiments that may or may not have worked depending on your own tastes.

On the cover, I never really noticed until now that the guy is tattooing the woman’s leg. I never closely examined the cover and just assumed he had his hand on her thigh.

Highlights: “Rock You Like A Hurricane”, “I’m Leaving You”, “Coming Home”, “Big City Nights”, “Still Loving You”


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  1. “Big City Nights” is my favorite song on this album. It’s funny, I had this on vinyl years back… found one just today at an antique mall and I didn’t buy it. It was only $5 and in great shape too. Then, I come across this post… now I’m going back this week to get this classic on vinyl once again. (If it’s still there).

    My favorite Scorpions album is a tie: “World Wide Live” and “Savage Amusement”.

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