Black Sabbath – Sabotage (1975, Warner Bros. Records)

1. “Hole in the Sky” … 3:59
2. “Don’t Start (Too Late)” … 0:49
3. “Symptom of the Universe” … 6:29
4. “Megalomania” … 9:46
5. “Thrill of It All” … 5:56
6. “Supertzar” … 3:44
7. “Am I Going Insane (Radio)” … 4:16
8. “The Writ” … 8:09

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
Tony Iommi – Guitar
Geezer Butler – Bass
Bill Ward – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Gerald “Jezz” Woodruffe – keyboards

Producer: Mike Butcher & Black Sabbath

Another Sabbath album from the Ozzy years that I picked up only after running through all of the band’s non-Ozzy years. I’ve read a lot about how Sabbath Bloody Sabbath started the band’s decline in quality and it amazes me that anyone could label both that album and Sabotage as missteps. Regardless of whatever what happening internally, the music they were releasing was still great heavy metal.

Apparently this album was a conscious effort to return to a more of a no-frills sound after some of the more experimental stuff that was on the previous release. The funny thing is that, according to Wikipedia, up to that point this was the most time-consuming and expensive Sabbath album and Ozzy has particularly noted this is when Iommi became “obsessive” with production. Well, whatever they did and however long it took, it paid off.

“Hole in the Sky” is nothing less than classic metal featuring a great riff and it’s a great way to start off the album. “Symptom of the Universe” and “Megalomania” fit into that same category as well. “Supertzar” is another favorite of mine (would’ve easily fit on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) and I believe I read somewhere that this was often used to open their shows even long after Ozzy had left.

My only real gripes are that “Thrill of It All” comes across as filler and “Am I Going Insane (Radio)” is more synth-heavy weirdness that had popped up on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

Highlights: “Hole in the Sky”, “Symptom of the Universe”, “Megalomania”, “Supertzar”


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  1. After all these years I can honestly say that “Sabotage” may be my favorite Sabbath album from the Ozzy years, with “Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath” running a close second. “Hole in the Sky” and “Symptom of the Universe” are both awesome tracks too!

  2. Please note, that this is only “my” Metal opinion… I’ve been convinced that “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” is the greatest Heavy Metal album ever recorded. Again, it’s a “personal” choice for me to feel this way. “Sabotage” I really enjoy too… these Sabbath albums reflect the building years of Heavy Metal, that is why there are musical moments on these albums that are not symbolic of DIO era Sabbath, (and the DIO era are still building blocks of Heavy Metal too).

    It is great to see you post these “historic and important” albums of Heavy Metal history. You can never go wrong with listening to and discussing these amazing Sabbath albums.

    • With some of these classics, I feel like I’m retreading tired territory, but oh well… Everything must be reviewed!!!! \m/

      • It’s my Metal belief, you can never revisit the “classics” often enough. Heck, I dig ’em out to blab about on many occasions too… absolutely don’t stop doing it!!

        It’s revisiting these great albums that generates the “interest” with fans who may not know about them. Spreading the word of Metal includes these past albums as well… for without “the past”, where would Metal be today?

        Keep that Metal flag… especially the “classic” Metal flag waving at Metal Excess!

  3. Good points, MO!

    I’ve added a few bands and old albums to my wish list thanks to your own blog.

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