HUGHES/THRALL – Hughes/Thrall

Hughes/Thrall – Hughes/Thrall (1982, Epic Records/Associated Records/Boulevard Records)

1. “I Got Your Number” … 3:37
2. “The Look In Your Eye” … 3:51
3. “Beg, Borrow Or Steal” … 3:47
4. “Where Did The Time Go” … 2:59
5. “Muscle And Blood” … 4:21
6. “Hold Out Your Life” … 4:47
7. “Who Will You Run To” … 3:43
8. “Coast To Coast” … 3:55
9. “First Step Of Love” … 5:35

Glenn Hughes – Vocals, Bass
Pat Thrall – Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer
Gary Ferguson – Drums
Frankie Banali – Drums
Gary Mallaber – Drums
Peter Schless – Keyboards

Producer: Andy Johns

I knew nothing of this album when I came across it online awhile ago. Seeing as how it was dirt cheap (I think I paid about $4.55 for it new) and was Glenn Hughes, I gave it a shot. I had no clue who Pat Thrall was, but that’s what the internet is for. Up to the point of this album, he had spent most of time playing in the Pat Travers Band (he would later go on to play in Asia and for Meatloaf) and from what I’m told is a very respected guitar player.

Enough of the history lesson. How is this collaborative effort? Well, um… It’s okay. It’s a very 1980s commercial rock album full of synthesizers. Every song sounds slick ‘n’ polished and ready for radio or a movie soundtrack. To my understanding, the album received positive reviews so I’m actually surprised this one went unnoticed commercially given how mainstream it is for that time frame.

I just don’t get it. What’s so good about this album? It isn’t awful but it’s just another slice of bland ’80s commercial rock/pop  to me. I love ’80s pop (I like listening to the “hits” at least), but nothing really sticks out on this one. If you think I’m contradicting myself from earlier when wondering why this album wasn’t successful, I’m not… There’s tons of bland songs from the ’80s that were all over radio!

More of a curiosity for Glenn Hughes fans than anything else.

Highlights: “I Got Your Number”, “The Look In Your Eye”, “Hold Out Your Life”


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  1. I never knew this album existed… now I do. Sounds interesting enough for me to even pick up for that cheap of a price. I like Glenn Hughes, so it’s just like you state in reasoning out this purchase. A good heads up too, warning all on the blandness aspect.

  2. I have it and dont really and i also think its not very good. No strong songs on it.

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