MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP – Michael Schenker Group

The Michael Schenker Group – The Michael Schenker Group [Remastered] (2009, EMI Records/Chrysalis Records – UK Import)
Original Release: 1980, Chrysalis Records

1. “Armed and Ready” … 4:05
2. “Cry for the Nations” … 5:08
3. “Victim of Illusion” … 4:41
4. “Bijou Pleasurette” … 2:16
5. “Feels Like a Good Thing” … 3:44
6. “Into the Arena” … 4:10
7. “Looking Out from Nowhere” … 4:28
8. “Tales of Mystery” … 3:16
9. “Lost Horizons” … 7:04
10. “Just a Lover” (Demo) … 4:34
11. “Looking Out from Nowhere” (Demo) … 5:13
12. “Get Up and Get Down” (Demo) … 3:59
13. “After Midnight” (Demo) … 4:31
14. “Breakout” (Demo) … 4:42
15. “Cry for the Nations” (Radio Edit) … 3:35
16. “Armed and Ready” (Live) … 4:40
17. “Into the Arena” (Live) … 4:20

Gary Barden – Vocals
Michael Schenker – Guitar
Paul Raymond – Guitar, Keyboards (Tracks 16 &17)
Mo Foster – Bass (Tracks 1-9, 15)
Chris Glen – Bass (Tracks 16 & 17)
Billy Sheehan – Bass (Tracks 10-14)
Simon Phillips – Drums (Tracks 1-9, 15)
Denny Carmassi – Drums (Tracks 10-14)
Cozy Powell – Drums (Tracks 16 & 17)
Don Airey – Keyboards (Tracks 1-9, 15)

Producer: Roger Glover

I’ve had the early Michael Schenker Group albums on my want list for years and for once my procrastination has paid off because this album was reissued & remastered in 2009 with an additional EIGHT tracks. Now that’s how you do reissues!

The first time I recall hearing “Armed and Ready” was earlier this year (I know, shame on me) on the Guitar Hero: Metallica game. I blown away by it, it’s a great tune and became one of my most played tracks from that game. Unfortunately, the rest of the album isn’t up to meet the energy and high level of rock set with opening track.

The album isn’t bad and it isn’t even average, I have to say it’s quite good but “Armed and Ready” is such a great hard rock song, I was disappointed by everything else I heard. This is melodic hard rock, but maybe a bit too melodic and polished. I was hoping for a bit of a harder take on things ala Scorpions. So the MSG debut is good, but not quite as good as I was lead to believe over the years.

The bonus tracks are really cool though. It’s hard rock, there’s no keyboards to be heard (I much prefer the demo of “Looking Out from Nowhere” over the final product). Solid stuff. I wonder why Schenker decided to add in keyboards for the actual album and why some of these songs didn’t make the cut?

Highlights: “Armed and Ready”, “Victim of Illusion”, “Feels Like a Good Thing”, “Into the Arena”, “Tales of Mystery”, “Just a Lover”



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  1. I actually like this album alot, I feel the second Michael Schenker Group album ‘MSG’ is a major improvement and the best MSG album is ‘Assault Attack’ that features veteran rock vocalist Graham Bonnett.

  2. Dr. feelgood

    Guitar Hero MEtallica is probably the best guitar hero game out there, the quality and work that went into the game and plus the game is perfect for Guitar Hero, heavy riffs and fast riffs plus not too difficult for nobody to pull off (definitely through the fire and the flames) but most of the therach solos are very challenging

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