RIOT – Restless Breed

Riot – Restless Breed [Remastered] (1999, Metal Blade Records)
Original Release: 1982, Elektra Records

1. “Hard Lovin’ Man” … 2:48
2. “C.I.A.” … 3:45
3. “Restless Breed” … 5:11
4. “When I Was Young” … 3:25
5. “Loanshark” … 4:10
6. “Loved By You” … 5:37
7. “Over To You” … 5:37
8. “Showdown” … 3:49
9. “Dream Away” … 3:43
10. “Violent Crimes” … 2:30

Rhett Forrester – Vocals
Mark Reale – Guitar
Rick Ventura – Guitar
Kip Leming – Bass
Sandy Slavin – Drums

Producer: Steve Loeb and Billy Arnell

With original Riot vocalist Guy Speranza departing due to moral and/or drug addiction issues, the band shifts from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound of Fire Down Under to an all-American metal mix of blues, boogie and southern rock. No doubt, a change that was inspired by (or mandated) by the band’s new singer, Georgia-born Rhett Forrester (who I actually prefer as a vocalist over Speranza). It’s an interesting leap in sub-genres and the band is obviously going for a more commercial sound relying more on hard rock than heavy metal.

When I first bought this, after having heard Fire Down Under and Thundersteel, I wasn’t impressed. It just wasn’t as heavy or as fast as I wanted it to be. It’s a different sounding album for sure, but still an enjoyable one upon closer inspection. I’ve given this album tons of spins since buying and it’s grown on me to the point where I this this is yet another underrated album from an underrated band. I just can’t understand why the labels couldn’t break this band.

My favorite tracks are “Restless Breed” (which sounds like Riot doing their best version of Bad Company) and “Showdown”.

Another awful Riot cover, by the way. For awhile, I didn’t “get it”, but I guess it’s supposed to be showing the evolution of their mascot from the cover of Fire Down Under. Of course, it’s also symbolism for the band itself evolving.

Highlights: “Hard Lovin’ Man”, “C.I.A.”, “Restless Breed”, “Loved By You”, “Showdown”

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  1. Hmmm, yes, another band that I listened to quite often years ago, which had PLENTY of potential and just never got the push. While I did enjoy several tracks from this album – especially the title track, my favorite RIOT album overall was undoubtedly “Fire Down Under”. Another truly excellent review!

  2. A classic imo. I love this album.

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