TESLA – Bust a Nut

Tesla – Bust a Nut (1994, Geffen Records)

1. “The Gate/Invited” … 5:36
2. “Solution” … 3:55
3. “Shine Away” … 6:42
4. “Try So Hard” … 5:43
5. “She Want She Want” … 5:13
6. “Need Your Lovin'” … 4:18
7. “Action Talks” … 3:48
8. “Mama’s Fool” … 6:11
9. “Cry” … 4:58
10. “Earthmover” … 4:05
11. “Alot to Lose” … 5:11
12. “Rubberband” … 4:35
13. “Wonderful World” … 3:48
14. “Games People Play” … 4:55

Jeff Keith – Lead Vocals
Frank Hannon – Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tommy Skeoch -Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Wheat – Bass, Backing Vocals
Troy Lucketta – Drums, Percussion

Producer: Terry Thomas

The final album from Tesla during their original run is actually a lot better than I initially thought it was. As if in answer to shifting tastes in the music industry, Tesla is a tad bit more dark and definitely heavier on this release but they still manage to retain their trademark classic rock-influenced blue-collar sound. Besides “Mama’s Fool”, most of the band’s flirtations with pop metal are gone.

This isn’t my favorite Tesla album, but as usual, they always deliver solid hard rock, so there’s not much to complain about here either.

It should be noted that even in the face of the emerging alternative rock scene this album still managed to go gold, but the band ended up going on hiatus anyway due to Skeoch’s substance abuse.

Highlights: “The Gate/Invited”, “Solution”, “Shine Away”, “She Want She Want”, “Action Talks”, “Mama’s Fool”, “Cry”



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